Little Girl Finds Out Rude Customer Humiliated a Black Cook, Gives Cook a Bundle of Cards

Salwa Nadeem
May 26, 2022
10:40 P.M.

When 8-year-old Autumn visited KFC with her mother, she witnessed a customer being unreasonably rude to a black man working at the restaurant. Later, they returned with a bundle of cards for the cook.


Some condemnable acts, like racism, usually cause most social issues in societies. While some people understand why discrimination is destructive to society, others fail to recognize its negative impacts.

With increased awareness, even children understand how important it is to raise voices against social injustices. Today's story is an example of how children react when witnessing acts like racism.

Autumn. | Source: facebook.com/10TampaBay

Autumn. | Source: facebook.com/10TampaBay


Back in 2017, a mother, Danee Masarang, took her 8-year-old daughter, Autumn, to dine out in KFC located in White Center, Washington. She hoped to have a great time with her little one, not knowing what was waiting for them in the restaurant.


After Masarang entered the restaurant with Autumn, waiting to have their delicious meals, they overheard a customer misbehaving with a KFC employee standing behind the counter.

Some of the customers came close to the counter to see what was happening. It turned out that the man being mistreated was a black man, Alvin Dean, who worked as a cook.

Danee Masarang. | Source: facebook.com/10TampaBay

Danee Masarang. | Source: facebook.com/10TampaBay


After hearing what the customer said, it became clear to everyone what was bothering him. It seemed like he had a problem with Dean's skin color. Autumn revealed what the unkind customer said:

"I don't want any black man touching my food, so you have to re-cook it."


The customer had denied eating the food because a black man had cooked it. Dean was pretty upset about it. Everyone in the restaurant, including Autumn and Masarang, could feel the uneasiness in the air.

Danee Masarang and her friend. | Source: facebook.com/10TampaBay

Danee Masarang and her friend. | Source: facebook.com/10TampaBay


It was evident that the customer didn't set a good example in front of the children present in the restaurant. Meanwhile, Autumn felt terrible for Dean, who had to listen to the customer's rude remarks.

After Masarang went home with Autumn, she decided to make her daughter learn a lesson from the unfortunate incident they had witnessed earlier.

Feeling terrible for Dean, Masarang talked to her friend, who worked as an art teacher in a nearby school. She told her about the incident, and they agreed to do something special for him.



Masarang's friend asked her students to make cards for Dean, which they would later give to him. Once the cards were ready, the children arrived at KFC with their teacher, Autumn, and Masarang to surprise Dean, who had no idea about their plan.

In an interview, the children revealed they had only heard about racism in history books. They were appalled to know that people still discriminate against each other based on skin color. One of them shared what she wrote inside her card:


"Mine says, God bless you. And it says, I am sorry that happened."


When Dean received the cards from Autumn and the other children, he broke into tears. He wasn't expecting people to care for him so much. He said:

"They came at me with all these gifts. I got very emotional, especially because it was a person that was outside of my race."

The gesture taught the little girls to be kind to everyone. Meanwhile, it also made Dean realize not all white people discriminate against black people.


Today's story teaches us that kids are unbiased human beings who don't treat people differently based on their skin color. Some adults need to learn kindness from children.

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