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Mom Hides Recording Device in Autistic Son's Backpack, Gets Abusive Teachers Fired

Salwa Nadeem
May 25, 2022
12:30 P.M.
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After noticing a strange change in her autistic son's behavior, Milissa Davis secretly placed a voice recorder in her son's backpack. She was horrified to hear the recording when he returned home from school.


The mother-child relationship is one of the most magical bonds on the face of this earth. Mothers know when their children are in pain, even when they are too small to speak.

Sometimes, mothers have to work hard after giving birth to a child with special needs. It gets challenging for them to understand their needs, but they find ways to keep their child happy. The mother in today's story did something similar.

Milissa Davis. | Source: facebook.com/WBRZ Channel 2



A Louisiana mom, Milissa Davis, noticed some strange changes in her 12-year-old autistic son's behavior. Since he couldn't speak, he expressed his emotions through his actions.

According to Davis, her son, Camden, had started wetting his bed, and he became aggressive for no reason.

After noticing his behavior, Davis thought about what had happened in their house during the past few days, but she couldn't understand what was bothering Camden.

Milissa Davis. | Source: facebook.com/WBRZ Channel 2



Since Davis couldn't think of anything bothering Camden at home, she thought it must be something happening at his school.

In 2017, Camden joined the Hope Academy in Louisiana. The school focused on teaching children with special needs without any discrimination.

Davis noticed a change in Camden's behavior a year after joining the school. Since the boy couldn't communicate properly, she placed an audio recorder in his bag to find what was happening in her absence.

Milissa Davis. | Source: facebook.com/WBRZ Channel 2



After Camden returned from school with the recording device in his backpack, Davis immediately took it out and pressed the "play" button.

To her horror, she heard her child getting bullied. What shocked her more was that the other students weren't bullying him. His bully was a teacher and his assistant. She told WBRZ:

"I just wanted to cry, scream and do everything I could because it was so bad."

Milissa Davis, Attorney Charlotte McGehee, and WBRZ Channel 2 team. | Source: facebook.com/WBRZ Channel 2



The horrified mother wanted to get justice for Camden as soon as possible. She felt terrible for him, thinking he might have gone through much worse.

Davis thought the best way to get justice for her son was by posting about the incident on social media and talking about it on traditional media. She had a message for other parents like her:

"If they're special needs, look at the situation as to why your child is acting that way because no child deserves to go through what my child did."



Davis's story went viral in no time. Many people sympathized with her and believed the school was at fault. Ultimately, the school's principal issued an official statement.

In her statement, the principal said the two employees involved in this incident had been fired. She also said Davis never approached the school before posting the audio clips on social media. The principal added:

“The parent has also refused to meet with Hope Academy to discuss the actions we have taken to address the issue.”

What would you do if a teacher bullied your child at school? Do you think Davis did the right thing by posting about the incident on social media?

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