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Mom Notices Scratches on Her Child's Face, Later Sees a Figure Appear on Their Baby Monitor

Salwa Nadeem
May 20, 2022
02:00 P.M.
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When a mom saw her 15-month-old daughter who woke up from a nap, she was horrified. The painful sight of deep purple scratches on her little one's face left her in tears. Minutes later, she was spooked out after looking at the baby monitor's footage from that day.


The beauty of a parent-child relationship lies in selflessness. As parents, people can go to any lengths for their children, even if it includes going through pain.

Similarly, the excruciating feeling of watching their child suffer is something they dread the most. It is unbearable for parents to watch their child in pain, whether it is a scratch on their little one's skin or seasonal flu. The mom in today's story experienced something similar.

Heather Brough and Lilly. | Source: youtube.com/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7



Josh Higgins and Heather Brough confessed they were moving into another house after a strange incident occurred in their home in 2019. The Michigan couple lived in a guest house in Highland Township, owned by Higgins' mother residing in the main house nearby.

Higgins's mother, Kris, had bought the houses 14 years ago. Little did she know they would think about moving into a new home a decade later.

The young couple lived with their 15-month-old daughter, Lilly, and planned to move because they feared something would hurt their little one.


Josh Higgins, Heather Brough, and Lilly. | Source: youtube.com/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7


Everything was going well in the couple's house until they noticed scratches on Lilly's face. The little one had woken up from her nap when Brough noticed deep purple scratches on her cheek.


Little did she know that the video clip would make her heart skip a beat.

The mom was horrified to see the scratches on Lilly's soft skin. She couldn't bear seeing her daughter in pain and immediately started crying.

Heather Brough. | Source: youtube.com/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7


Terrified, she grabbed Lilly and rushed to her mother-in-law's house, who was equally clueless about the strange marks. Initially, they thought Lilly must have scratched herself, but that wasn't true. Brough revealed:

"We wondered if she'd scratched herself, but when we put her hands up to the scratches it did not match up."

When no one came up with a logical explanation for the painful scratches, Brough decided to check the baby monitor's footage to see what had happened in the bedroom.

Josh Higgins. | Source: youtube.com/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7



The nanny cam covered Lilly's crib and some part of the couple's bed. Brough was sure she would find the cause of the scratches by watching the camera's footage. Little did she know that the video clip would make her heart skip a beat.

Brough was spooked to see a strange figure hovering near Lilly's crib while the couple was not there in the room. Higgins recalled how he felt watching the footage for the first time:

“It was chilling. It was literally a chill down your spine. Like that ‘what if’ factor — Is this what I just saw?”

The camera footage. | Source: youtube.com/ WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7


As the strange figure came close to Lilly's crib, the little girl stood up and looked at the ceiling. Brough felt her daughter saw something that wasn't visible to her. She confessed:

"I freaked out. I stopped what I was doing, and I ran upstairs, and I grabbed my daughter."

The 25-year-old mother also revealed that the "unknown entity" in her house tried to attack her once when she woke up one morning. She said she felt someone's hands around her neck when she opened her eyes.

Heather Brough and Lilly. | Source: youtube.com/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7



The couple had experienced several spooky occurrences in their house before noticing the strange scratches on Lilly's face. Brough had reportedly heard an "angry man" scream and laugh in her house.

In another instance, she claimed to have heard someone climb up and down the stairs while showering. She was sure it wasn't the sound of her husband's footsteps.

Heather Brough. | Source: youtube.com/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7



The Michigan couple was convinced a "ghost" was trying to scare them and hurt their daughter. They had decided to move out of the house for Lilly's safety.

Meanwhile, Higgins's father, Jim, presented a theory about the strange occurrences. He believed it had to do with the unfortunate death of the man who had lived in the house previously.

It's unclear whether the hovering figure in the video clip was the previous owner's spirit, but Brough's father-in-law firmly believed it was him.

Higgins's father, Jim. | Source: youtube.com/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7



The family believed it wasn't just the guest house that was haunted. Kris, who lived in the main house, said she had experienced paranormal activity in her home before.

To get answers to her questions, she had hired a paranormal investigator. She discovered that the woman who owned the house had died painfully after she fell down the stairs.

Kris and her husband's theory said that the woman's spirit was haunting the main house, while her brother's spirit was there in the guest house.

After Brough noticed the strange figure in her bedroom, a paranormal investigator, Mike Priest, said he would soon visit the house to solve the mystery.


Josh Higgins, Heather Brough, and Lilly. | Source: youtube.com/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7

Previously, he had visited the house when the couple complained about hearing strange noises. His team came with their equipment and recorded something unusual. He said:


"We heard something say, ‘Oh here we go. Oh yeah.’ I heard it as plain as day."

Mike Priest agreed "there was something going on" in the Highland Township property. However, he said his team would revisit the house to find something that could explain the figure in the video. He felt it could be something as insignificant as a moving reflection.



Higgins and Brough had no idea what caused the "freaky" incident, but they did know that they would soon leave the property. They said they were saving money to buy a new house.

What do you think about this story? Was the family's property haunted? Do you agree with the theories Higgins' parents presented? We'd love to know about your take on this spooky story.

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