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Inside Pierce Brosnan's 'Dream House' Where He Raised 5 Kids with Wife after 10 Years as a Single Dad

Gaone Pule
May 31, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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Action movie star Pierce Brosnan had a happy life married to his lovely wife, Cassandra Harris. However, when tragedy struck, his world was turned upside down until things fell back into place again one day.


Irish actor Pierce Brosnan built an enormous family home with his first wife, Cassandra Harris, whom he married in 1980.

But the Australian actress tragically died from ovarian cancer in 1991, and he became a single father for ten years. The duo had one child together, Sean, whom they welcomed in 1983.

Actor Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Cassandra Harris, with their son, Christopher Harris, and daughter, Charlotte Harris, at 11th Annual People's Choice Awards. / Source: Getty Images


Brosnan became a stepfather to Harris's older kids from her previous marriage, Chris and Charlotte, having adopted them after they wed.

Despite being shattered by the death of his wife, the "GoldenEye" star remained strong for their kids. In December 2002, Brosnan reflected on the passing of Harris in an interview with Orange Coast Magazine.


He admitted that starting over after losing her was unbearable because he grieved for her both in public and in private and felt hollow:

"Starting over was terrifying. It was a road that I knew nothing about. There was emptiness and great sorrow and a sadness, which was private and also public."

Though Brosnan had to endure everything out in the open, he mentioned that the public was comforting and understanding as they reached out to him. Moreover, he had to move on and make a living because he had children to take care of as a single parent. Therefore he immersed himself in work.



It was his job that he began after Harris's passing that brought him to his second wife, Keely Smith. Brosnan became an activist for women's causes, especially cancer, and later found a link between the disease and the environment.

The "Black Adam" star joined the board of the American Oceans Campaign and later traveled with his son to Mexico, where he crossed paths with Smith, a journalist for the "Today" show. When speaking about their first interaction, Brosnan said the chemistry was undeniable:

"There was great chemistry between us from the start. Personally, I had had enough of the dating game. I was not looking."


Smith was doing an environmental piece for the TV program and walked past Brosnan, who was sitting alone reading his script. He was blown away by her presence, revealing that she was a beautiful woman who walked in a purposeful way dressed in Armani. They locked eyes and smiled at each other.

She was interviewing actor Ted Danson at the time, and after being done with the interview, she walked past Brosnan again, and they smiled once again. He later saw her again at the beach, at the cocktail hour, and saw her later that night.

They finally shared a conversation and talked until the wee hours of the morning, and the rest is history. The couple tied the knot in 2001 and have a solid family foundation. They welcomed two sons, Dylan and Paris.


In September 2021, Brosnan exclusively told Closer Weekly that not a day goes by without thinking about his late wife Harris and that he cherishes the life they created together. He talked about finding love again and said one should follow their hearts and try to meet the best people in life:

"When Keely looks at me, I go weak. I love her vitality, her passion. She has this strength that I wouldn't be able to live without."

If it were not for the television host, he would not be a father of his younger boys and is grateful that she has Smith as the mother of her kids, saying he found a great woman in her. Brosnan is also thankful for fatherhood, stating that it is satisfying though it is a huge responsibility.



Pierce Brosnan and Keely Smith's Malibu beach frontage home dubbed the 'Orchard House.' / Source: YouTube/@ArchitecturalDigestIndia

Pierce Brosnan and Keely Smith's 4,000-square-feet primary bedroom at the Southeast Asian-style home. / Source: YouTube/@ArchitecturalDigestIndia


Pierce Brosnan and Keely Smith's limited space kitchen with wooden cabinets. / Source: YouTube/@ArchitecturalDigestIndia

After his James Bond movie sequel "Die Another Day" became a massive success, Brosnan revealed to The Wall Street Journal in September 2020 was in the kitchen of his Malibu ranch when he turned to his wife and said to her to build her dream home:


"I said to Keely, 'Go build your dream house.' And she did."

The result of the project was a 12,500-square-foot, Southeast Asian-style mansion inspired by Brosnan's time shooting 1997's "Tomorrow Never Dies," filmed in Thailand. He and Smith raised their boys at the property, which they adored for years.


Pierce Brosnan and Keely Smith's outdoor lounge area with a centered fire pit. / Source: YouTube/@ArchitecturalDigestIndia

Pierce Brosnan and Keely Smith's music room filled with musical instruments. / Source: YouTube/@ArchitecturalDigestIndia


The abode is named "Orchid House" and sits on an acre on Broad Beach, boasting 12 feet of frontage on the ocean. Smith and Brosnan purchased the land in 2000 for $5.1 million and the lot next door for about $2.25 million.

The family lived in the ranch-style house for a few years, but the "Survivor" star said it was too small for them. So, they hired architects Ralph and Ross Anderson to design them a new home, and Smith oversaw the process. It took roughly a decade to design and build the house inspired by their trip to Thailand.


The completed project consists of wide-plank teak floors and a green clay-tile roof, inspired by temples they saw in Thailand. Smith said it was a labor of love to find the exact green color. The compound features five bedrooms and seven fireplaces between the main house and the guesthouse.

The main bedroom is about 4,000-square-feet with his-and-hers fireplaces, an art studio, and an expansive deck overlooking the ocean. The house also features a music room, a gym, and a travertine-walled spa with two soaking tubs.



The Brosnans are a close-knit blended family and often spend time together in their home. They take turns in housekeeping, including breeding animals and growing food. Brosnan is also into art and loves drawing; hence it is only natural for him to have a studio in his home.

He posted a photo of his artwork on Instagram in November 2019, posing next to a painting while holding a paintbrush. In addition, the family engages in other creative activities such as singing and playing musical instruments and celebrating family holidays.


Their house is filled with positive emotions and events. The family hosted a market day back in March 2018 in their backyard. They had a family friend Peter Kater play the piano placed on top of a green and white tile in their entertainment room with floor-to-ceiling windows in January 2019.

Later that same month, they had their son Dylan perform a serenade on his 22nd birthday with his music group called Raspberry Blond The Band in their outdoor area next to the stonewall fireplace.


The Brosnans also breed chickens which they feed on the lawn. In April 2020, the family celebrated Easter Sunday and shared a family picture posing in a cream-white painted room with artwork hung on the wall next to a bookshelf.

In May that year, Brosnan celebrated his 67th birthday and posted a sweet snap of him and Smith kissing on the beachfront of their home.


In July 2020, he shared a video of a breathtaking view of his grounds with palm trees and a mountain view. He captioned his post by writing that it was his morning routine to feed the wild chickens.

In June of that year, the veteran star posted a photo sitting on the veranda on a white couch with a sitting area beside him on the wooden floors and a white roof with matching plank pillars. In August, the film producer shared an image of him and his son Paris at the Makai Princeville, with a spectacular ocean view.


In September 2020, he posted a selfie with his wife on the veranda with a background of his latest artwork, where one painting showed his old chair. In January 2021, he shared a photo of himself signing silkscreen prints in his studio.

In March 2021, he posted an image of a large wooden table with matching chairs, and his chickens were all over the setup. In May 2021, he shared a snapshot blowing candles on his cake placed on top of an antique small round table.


In March 2022, Brosnan posted an overview photo of himself standing outside his garage studio. He shared a picture featuring him and his wife with their son Paris sitting behind a round table a few days before.

In May 2022, he took a picture posing with a golf club in a wooden floored room with paintings hung on the wall. That same month, he gave fans a glimpse of his studio with art illustrations.


Brosnan was trained in the commercial arts and told Orange Coach Magazine that he wanted to continue pursuing painting as one of his passions:

"I find it a great source of relaxation. I do oil and acrylics. I started as a commercial artist and kept up with painting and drawing over the years. There's two paintings I've sold, and one hangs in the Essex House in New York."


Brosnan's Malibu beach home studio consists of purple armchairs, a wooden console, and a bookshelf that goes to the ceiling with his paintings on display. The room also features a chandelier.

The "Mamma Mia!" star shared that he and his family have hosted memorable parties in their home, revealing that the piano belonged to saxophonist and pal Kenny G, who played there several times.


They purchased it from him, and after a year of starring at it, Brosnan learned how to play, and now his musician son Dylan uses it more often. The lower level of the abode has a screening room with custom sound, a bar, and tiered seating for roughly 20 people, and he revealed:

"We screen first-run movies every weekend when we’re home. It’s dinner and a movie."

The Hollywood star also disclosed that there is saltwater in the outdoor pool with a waterfall and glass-enclosed areas for outdoor dining.

His spouse Smith added that they bought their sand to create their private beach above the beach so the kids could play near the house. Brosnan expressed that "my family is my biggest achievement. They are the essence of my existence.