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Everyone Mocks Gay Colleague until They Arrive at His House & See Babies There — Story of the Day

Monica Otayza
Jun 03, 2022
06:30 A.M.
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Everyone at work mocked a gay colleague every day, judging him for choosing to work at home for most of the day. They eat their words after finding out that Gabriel lived with young children in his house.


Gabriel Evans was recruited to join a new workplace because of his excellent performance at his previous job. One of his colleagues, Sean, was a friend of one of Gabriel's former co-workers and he started to spread rumors about Gabriel.

"Did you know that Gabriel is gay?" he told their co-workers while having lunch together on Gabriel's first week on the job. "I heard he had a crush on his former boss, which freaked him out, so he was asked to leave his post," Sean insinuated.

Because of Sean's rumors, the other co-workers began to mock Gabriel and poke jokes at him. Gabriel was initially excited to start his new job, but he suddenly felt otherwise after realizing that his co-workers were being rude to him.


Gabriel got a new job where he thought he'd get along with his colleagues. | Source: Pexels

Sean and some other colleagues worked together for years before Gabriel arrived, so they were already comfortable with one another. They had no hesitation in being rude to Gabriel, picking on him and calling him names.


"Hey, Gabriel. So, who's your office crush?" one woman taunted. "There are some single men here if you'd like to start dating," she mocked.

Gabriel just smiled at his colleague's rude joke before standing up for himself. "I'm here to work and get the job done. Please don't invade my privacy as it has nothing to do with the job," he told them.

His colleagues laughed at him, shaking their heads. "Loosen up a little and take a joke," one said before returning to their desks.

Gabriel was irritated at his colleagues' jokes. | Source: Pexels


"How could I loosen up? You are all so rude," Gabriel thought to himself, still offended by the jokes they often threw at him.

Sean and his colleagues often wondered where Gabriel went every lunch break, as he would not return in the afternoon. They thought this was quite unfair when everyone else worked at the office the entire day.

Weeks before the Independence Day weekend, all co-workers decided to spend it with their families. They arranged a large outdoor barbecue but chose not to invite Gabriel, assuming that because he was gay, he had no family.

Despite being excluded from their gatherings and still being the butt of his colleagues' jokes, Gabriel shrugged it off. He knew that he was good at what he did and wanted his colleagues to see that. He didn't care what they thought about his personal life, as he was there as a professional.


Gabriel worked hard even though his colleagues always teased him. | Source: Pexels

One day, while working on one of his projects, Gabriel suddenly felt his chest tighten. He was at his boss' office at the time and realized he couldn't breathe.


His boss immediately dialed 911 after realizing that Gabriel was suffering from a heart attack. When the paramedics arrived, Sean and the other co-workers watched in horror as they carried Gabriel out of their office.

"I guess he couldn't bear dealing with us," Sean said, shaking his head. "He failed the test, and he hasn't even been here for a year."

Their boss overheard Sean's statement and called him into his office. Sean was startled, not expecting his boss to hear what he said, and immediately apologized.

An ambulance was called in to help Gabriel. | Source: Pexels


"You should be sorry, Sean. Gabriel is a hardworking man who wants nothing but to earn a decent living for his family," their boss revealed.

"Family?" Sean asked, confused.

"What did you think? He doesn't have a family just because he's gay? Now that Gabriel is in the hospital, his kids need someone to care for them. I want you and your co-workers to do something good for once by checking up on his kids," Sean's boss ordered.

"Kids? How can he have kids?" Sean asked himself as he walked out of his boss' office. He then asked his colleagues to accompany him to Gabriel's house to see what his boss was talking about.


Sean asked his officemates to accompany him to Gabriel's house. | Source: Pexels

When they got to Gabriel's house, a babysitter opened the door. "Are Gabriel's kids here? We're his co-workers, and we wanted to check on them," Sean told the woman.


She nodded and led them to the living room, where two young babies were sleeping beside each other in a crib. "Gabriel has twins!" Sean said in amazement.

"Where is Gabriel? He was supposed to be home an hour ago," the babysitter asked Sean, who had to break the sad news to her.

"Unfortunately, Gabriel suffered a heart attack while at the office earlier today. Our boss asked us to come visit and check on his children. We weren't sure what to expect, as we didn't think Gabriel had a family," Sean explained, almost guilty for judging Gabriel all those months.

Sean and his colleagues were surprised to find out that Gabriel had twin daughters. | Source: Pexels


The babysitter, who introduced herself as Macy, gasped. "Is he alright? What hospital is he in? I'm going to go visit him," she said, panicking. "How will these poor young girls survive without him?"

Sean assured Macy that Gabriel was in a good hospital getting the best treatment possible. He offered to care for the children while she visited Gabriel, which she appreciated.

"Before you leave, can we ask what Gabriel's story is? I'm afraid we've been listening to rumors these past few months, but we never really found out the truth about Gabriel," one of the co-workers asked.

Gabriel had always dreamt about being a dad. | Source: Pexels


According to Macy, Gabriel had lost his parents and two younger sisters to a car crash. He grew up in the foster care system, where he started to dream about raising his own children.

"Gabriel adopted the children from our local orphanage," Macy revealed. "These two young girls are twins and no one wanted to take them because of the huge responsibility of raising two kids simultaneously. Only Gabriel accepted the responsibility. He is such a kind and selfless man," she added.

"This is Lucy, and this is Amelia," she said, gesturing toward the two babies peacefully sleeping in the crib. "Gabriel named them after his late sisters. He's currently a single dad. His partner left him because he didn't want kids."


Sean and his co-workers promised to care for the twins while Gabriel was recovering in the hospital. | Source: Pexels

Sean and his co-workers were impressed by Gabriel's story and felt terrible for misjudging him. They promised to care for the twins while he was at the hospital, especially as Macy couldn't care for them alone. They took shifts and made sure the twins were well cared for.


When Gabriel was released from the hospital, he was surprised by the sudden shift in his colleagues' attitudes. They apologized to him for all they had done and invited him to their Independence Day weekend celebration.

In the end, Gabriel discovered what Sean and his colleagues did for his twin girls. They eventually became friends, and Sean even became the godfather of Gabriel's daughters.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Don't invade other people's privacies. Sean and his colleagues had no right to judge Gabriel for being gay, yet they mocked him and made fun of him. They realized that Gabriel was a good man with pure intentions, so they regretted their actions.
  • Don't judge other people before learning about their situations. Sean was quick to judge Gabriel for being gay without realizing he had more to his story than what met the eye. Gabriel was a single father to twin girls he adopted, and he was a hardworking man who prioritized his family over everything else.

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