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Allison Janney Wanted to Meet Someone Her Age after Broken Engagement Yet Later Dated a 20-Years-Younger Man

Brittany Chalmers
Jun 05, 2022
10:00 A.M.
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Allison Janney became everyone's favorite maternal TV star thanks to her award-winning role in "Mom." However, in real life, the actress is unmarried and child-free. Read her story and discover all about Janney's personal life.


The independent woman turned 62 in 2021 and continues to dazzle audiences worldwide. Janney has had her fair share of lengthy relationships, dating computer programmer Dennis Gagomiros before moving on with actor Richard Jenik.

The couple dated for three years before Jenik popped the big question while on vacation in 2004. Janney said yes, but the lovebirds who co-starred in "Our Very Own" didn't make it to the alter.

Allison Janney and Dennis Gagomiros attend the NBC Primetime Upfront Party on May 15, 2000 in New York City. | Source: Getty Images


Jenik and Janney's engagement was over with, and the actress later recalled: "I was in an eight-year relationship, a 10-year relationship, and then a four-year relationship that ended last year."

After 22 years of long-term relationships, Janney revealed that she probably wouldn't start dating again, and the realization left her feeling somewhat depressed.

In 2008, she said:

"Now I'm single and don't see how I'm ever going to be able to date anybody, because it's Hollywood and I'm a woman over 40 ... I would like to find somebody who was my age, or a little older."


Allison Janney with Richard Jenik during the New York Premiere of 'How To Deal' in 2003. | Source: Getty Images

The actress made headlines in 2015 when she brought her handsome boyfriend along to the Emmys—and he wasn't someone older. He was 20 years her junior.


Before accepting her Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress, she shared a romantic moment with her beau. Philip Joncas, a successful production manager, previously worked with Janney on "The Way Way Back" in 2012.

Actress Allison Janney and Philip Joncas during the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on September 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images


Joncas was beaming with pride a few years later, standing next to Janney as her boyfriend. Together, the pair always turned heads on the red carpet, but by 2021, the acclaimed Hollywood star shared that she was newly single.

Focused on her thriving career, Janney admitted she was never fully confident that she wanted to become a mother. She also noted: "I'd love to eventually find someone to share my life with, but if it doesn't happen, I think I'll be just fine."

Allison Janney and Philip Joncas attending the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on September 18, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty images



Janney's approach to love might be unconventional, but the star was single and happy. During a 2021 interview, she stated that if she had found the right person at the right time, she would have started a family, but things worked out differently.

She added:

"I really am, at this time of my life getting to know who I am and what I want."


The likelihood of Janney walking down the aisle in the future is slim. While she is open to finding a partner, she doesn't believe in the institution of marriage.

The star had reoccurring dreams about her nuptials, and she noted she was always worried that her spouse would "turn into somebody completely different" after the ceremony. "You could say I've had some fears about it," Janney admitted.



Janney came from a close-knit family and was raised in Dayton, Ohio, by an actress mom and jazz musician dad. Along with two siblings, she enjoyed her childhood and was happy to spend some quality time with her parents in 2020.

During a planned three-day trip home, the actress spent more than two months in her family's house due to quarantine. She revealed: "This is the longest time I've spent with my parents since 10th grade!"


The star spent evenings having dinner and watching television with her loved ones and even borrowed her mom's clothing because she had not packed enough.

The unexpected time together allowed Janney to spend a few memorable moments with her mom before she passed away toward the end of 2020.



Janney's family waded some deep and dark waters in 2011 when Henry "Hal" Janney took his own life. The actress was devastated by the loss of her brother, but she used the pain to push herself forward.

During her acceptance speech for the best-supporting actress Oscar for her memorable role in "I, Tonya," Janney did something unforgettable—she dedicated the award to her sibling. She said: "This is for Hal. You're always in my heart."

The actress expressed:

"My brother committed suicide. It's shaken my world the way my world was never shaken before. He was an addict ... it's devastating to want something more for someone than they want for themselves.


While Janney will never get over the loss of her brother, she has gained more insight over the years, and the actress believes understanding has helped her "let go."

She explained:

"It's frustrating when someone asks, 'How are you coming? Are you over it?' I will never, ever be over it. Not in a million years. But it will become something I understand more."

The acclaimed star also took on her role as recovering addict Bonnie Plunkett in "Mom" because of her sibling. She hoped her portrayal would show others that there is always hope.



The versatile star shines in comedies, and dramas alike, showing there is truly no end to her talent. While Janney is single and has no children, she does have furry friends at home.

As an avid animal rights activist, she has three adorable rescue dogs, who she calls "her people and her tribe." And while Janney's life hasn't been a walk in the park, she has not let anything hold her back.


After collecting award after award, the Hollywood legend has many reasons to be proud. During her acceptance speech at the Oscars, the actress humorously said that she achieved recognition by herself.

However, she quickly corrected herself and thanked the people who elevated her and helped her along the journey. She was also honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during an unveiling ceremony in 2016.

Janney undoubtedly deserved a spot amongst the other legends on the lane. Her "The West Wing" co-star, Richard Schiff, was thrilled to sing her praises at the event, calling Janney "unbreakable, selfless, loyal, and loving."

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