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Jonathan Scott Flirted 'So Hard' with Zooey Deschanel When They Met — They Now Raise 2 Kids in 'Dream Home'

Gaone Pule
Jun 11, 2022
07:40 A.M.
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Reality TV star Jonathan Scott was instantly smitten when he met his now-significant other, Zooey Deschanel. The pair have started their lives together and have even purchased their "forever home."


HGTV star Jonathan Scott and "New Girl" actress Zooey Deschanel crossed paths in 2019 while filming an episode of James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke."

In an episode of "At Home With Linda and Drew Scott," a podcast hosted by Scott's twin brother, Drew, and his wife, Linda Phan, Drew asked Deschanel whether she was aware that his sibling was flirting with her when they first met.

Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott during the Baby2Baby 10-Year Gala on November 13, 2021 in West Hollywood, California. / Source: Getty Images


"Yes, yes," the actress replied while admitting that she too flirted with Scott. "You were being very gentlemanly. I asked my publicist, who is also one of my best friends, 'Do you think he was flirting?' And she was like, 'Oh yes,'" Deschanel explained.

Jonathan sarcastically asked how he went about it, and she revealed that he was on her lap and then picked her up. "It was all of it. It was the whole package," she said.


At the time, Drew was also present on set filming "Carpool Karaoke" and revealed he immediately noticed that his brother was charmed by the actress and could tell she was interested in him as well:

"When we saw the first cut from Corden's gang there, I looked at it and was like, yeah, she's definitely flirting with Jonathan."

The man in question believed that he was low-key in making advances on Deschanel, but it turns out it was apparent: "I thought I was playing it cool, but the producer said I was flirting so hard that they had to cut a bunch of it out," said Scott.



Zooey Deschanel, Jonathan Scott, Drew Scott, and Linda Phan attending the EMA Awards Gala on October 16, 2021 in Van Nuys, California. / Source: Getty Images

For the couple's first date, it was rather unconventional and "embarrassing" for Scott. He gave the actress a tour of a home that had just been purchased for his and Drew's show, "Brother vs. Brother," and described the experience as one of his "most embarrassing moments" ever.


The star shared he was motivated by Deschanel's interest in architecture and a love for Spanish homes. When he suggested that he give her a tour around the abode, she agreed:

"She said sure. Later I found out that as we were going from room to room and I'm showing her the features, in the back of her mind, she was like, ‘Oh, so he's just touring me through this house?’"


For Deschanel, she thought that the Canadian TV personality was trying to make moves on her, explaining that she got the wrong idea about the date.

"He's like, 'And here is the living room, and here is the bedroom, and here is the other bedroom,' and I'm like, 'Oh, he is just giving me an architectural tour. Maybe I have the wrong idea about this date," she recounted.


In addition, there was also confusion when Scott invited her for dinner and asked whether she would be bringing other people along. Deschanel believed that she would be meeting more company other than Scott that night.

Besides the awkwardness and miscommunication the pair experienced, they have a lot in common. In an appearance on "Access" in April 2020, Scott revealed that he and Deschanel are both equestrians; they both dropped out of college and have the same taste in music and food.


The lovebirds are a perfect match. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Scott shared they laugh together all the time, adding that he and Deschanel have a great balance. He has never been in a relationship where he was on the receiving end romantically.

Moreover, she gets along with the people he cares about and shows him daily that she loves him. Scott further revealed that he and Deschanel support each other's careers and that there is no competition between them, making everything else seem effortless.


In January 2020, the "Celebrity IOU" star posted a selfie of the couple on Instagram posing on the rooftop and expressed the impact Deschanel made in his life, writing:

"Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who changes everything."

Scott told People TV in January 2022 that the actress has won over every member of his family, including his parents. For instance, Deschanel could never do any wrong in his mother's eyes.



When quarantining together in April 2020, Scott mentioned that it was comforting to go through such challenging times with someone he loved. He gushed over Deschanel, saying she was the "perfect person" to quarantine with:

"Let me tell you, I've been quarantined with the perfect person. Not only is Zooey an amazing cook, but she's a musician, so our house is constantly filled with music."

Deschanel is one-half of the musical duo She & Him. Scott once admitted that he is a big fan of her music while revealing that he crashed her concerts several times.


Before dating Scott, Deschanel was married to film producer Jacob Pechenik whom she wed in June 2015. However, after three years of matrimony, the duo separated in January 2019.

Pechenik filed for divorce nine months later, citing "irreconcilable differences." The duo finalized their divorce in June 2020 and have two kids, a son named Charlie and a daughter, Elsie. They share joint custody.

In September 2021, Scott accompanied Deschanel and her brood on an outing to Disneyland just after two years of dating. A week after Deschanel announced her split from Pechenik, she and Scott made their relationship public.


Zooey Deschanel and her then-husband, film producer Jacob Pechenik arriving at the Los Angeles premiere of 20th Century Fox's "Trolls" at Regency Village Theatre on October 23, 2016 in Westwood, California. / Source: Getty Images

Deschanel gushed over her lover in an interview with HollywoodLife in June 2021, reiterating what he said about them being supportive of one another, adding that she was grateful to have him in her life:


"We're very supportive. He’s just so nice and so kind. I always feel that he’s really there for me, and it just makes me want to always reciprocate that, and I’m very appreciative. He’s a wonderful person."



Following a few months of going public with their relationship, Deschanel and Scott were quarantined together with her kids. In 2021, the "Property Brothers" star announced that the couple had purchased and were renovating their "forever home."

In an interview with "Today," Scott revealed that he and the "Almost Famous" star designed the house with the children in mind, expressing that he wants it to be passed down from generation to generation. He added that he waited a long time to find someone like Deschanel:

"I waited my whole life to find Zooey, and I've now waited my whole life to have my dream home with someone like Zooey."


The pair were casually going through the Los Angeles real estate market when they stumbled upon the 1938 Georgian-style home. Scott described the property as "magical" when he and his love drove up there.

When they brought the kids to see it for the first time, they dubbed it the Park House because of its lush lawn that looks like a park. Renowned California architect Gerard Colcord designed the home.