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Man Wins Confidence of Wife’s Ex-husband to Get Back Son Taken from Her – Story of the Day

Manuela Cardiga
Jun 11, 2022
07:00 A.M.
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A man befriends his wife's ex-husband and learns the truth behind her divorce, and why the judge gave sole custody of her son to the ex.


Alicia Dudley was unlucky in love. The first disastrous marriage, she attributed to naivete and inexperience, the second to impulsiveness that quickly turned to regret. But the third marriage was the worse.

Alicia married a John Kelsey after careful consideration. She wanted to be sure she was making the right decision, and he seemed to be the perfect man. So much so that two years into the marriage, Alicia conceived their son.

As soon as she was pregnant, her loving, considerate husband disappeared, and the man who replaced him was a vicious stranger who abused her verbally. Alicia's third marriage was also a mistake, but this time, there was a hostage to fate -- her son.


Alicia was unlucky in love and was on her third divorce. | Source: Unsplash

The divorce was horrendous. Her ex-husband called in witnesses to testify that Alicia was an alcoholic and a neglectful mother who frequently placed her son in danger.


Never give up because happiness is just around the corner.

The judge ruled in favor of her ex-husband, John, and ruled that Alicia could only see her son, James, once a month in the presence of a social worker.

As time went on, Alicia's visits to little James became even more infrequent and eventually stopped. When Alicia protested, John and the social worker said the boy was afraid of his mother.

Alicia was desperate, and the little she'd received in the divorce settlement was gone, spent on lawyers. Ironically, the only job she managed to get was in a bar.


All that Alicia wanted from her third marriage was her baby. | Source: Unsplash

That was where she met Kevin Damson. Kevin would come in every Friday after work and order a beer. He'd talk to Alicia for hours, nursing his drink.


Kevin was nothing like Alicia's former husbands. He was a quiet man who listened more than he spoke, and he loved listening to Alicia. One night, Alicia found herself pouring out her heart to Kevin.

Alicia wiped her tears and smiled ruefully. "I'm the barkeep, I'm the one who's supposed to listen to confidences, not talk about my sad life story!"

"Oh," Kevin said in his deep, quiet way. "This is not the story of your life, Alicia. It's only chapter one. I think you might be surprised at how that turns out."

John convinced the court that Alicia had a drinking problem. | Source: Pexels


Kevin wooed Alicia slowly, romantically, the old-fashioned way. He managed to convince the reluctant Alicia to marry him, and despite her fears, she never regretted it.

A year after her wedding, Kevin came home and found her crying. "What's the matter, my love?" Kevin asked.

"It's James' birthday," Alicia explained. "I haven't seen my boy in two years..."

Kevin put his arms around Alicia. "We could go back to court..." he said. But Alicia shook her head.

"He has money," Alicia said. "And he can get people to lie again. The court thinks I'm a drunk. We'll go broke paying the lawyers and he'll still keep James."


The judge ruled against Alicia. | Source: Unsplash

To Alicia's surprise and sorrow, Kevin started coming home late every night, and when she questioned him, he asked her to trust him.


"Trust?" Alicia said to herself. "That's the hardest thing for me..."

She lay in bed wide awake until Kevin came home, hoping he'd tell her what was going on. But all that Kevin would say when Alicia asked him was: "Trust me."

What she didn't know was that Kevin had approached her ex-husband John at a bar and befriended him. Kevin quickly became John's best friend and favorite drinking buddy -- and John drank a lot.

With Kevin, Alicia was finally happy. | Source: Unsplash


One night, John opened up about his ex-wife. "What a dumb cow!" John sneered. "I told the judge she was a drunk, got some of my friends to tell some stories! You should have seen her face! She looked like someone had killed her puppy! What an idiot. I have my son, though, I made sure she didn't get him!"

"Having a kid must be nice, though," Kevin commented.

"I have a full-time nanny," John said casually. "I don't have the patience for the brat! He's a whiner just like his mother!"

Kevin made friends with John. | Source: Unsplash


What John didn't know was that Kevin had been recording their conversations for weeks, and he immediately presented the tape to the judge who'd awarded custody to John.

That afternoon, Kevin came home early. "Alicia," he said. "I have some news for you. We have a custody hearing, and I think you're getting James back!"

Kevin told Alicia all about his 'friendship' with John and how he'd obtained his admission that he had lied to the court about Alicia's fitness as a mother.

This time around, John was condemned by his own words, and the judge not only attributed full custody to Alicia, but he also had John arrested for perjury.


Thanks to Kevin, Alicia got her son back. | Source: Unsplash

It wasn't long before Kevin and Alicia brought little James home. Meanwhile, Alicia had some news for Kevin: soon he'd be the father of not one but two children. Kevin was right. Alicia's story had a happy ending.


What can we learn from this story?

  • Never give up because happiness is just around the corner. Alicia was disappointed with love, but she gave Kevin a chance and found happiness.
  • Liars are always found out. John boasted about his lies and ended up being found out by the court.

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