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After Her Unsuccessful Date, Girl Is Carried by Stranger in His Arms 15 Kilometers to Her House – Story of the Day

Manuela Cardiga
Jun 14, 2022
07:30 A.M.
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A lovely young woman goes out on a date with a dashing man who rushes out halfway through dinner, leaving her to pay the bill and make her way home alone.


Do you believe in knights in shining armor? Jenna Garland didn't until one came riding to her rescue. Well, not riding, exactly, more like marching.

Jenna had accepted a dinner invitation from a man who LOOKED like Prince Charming. Kyle Harding was handsome, wealthy, and charming, but Jenna was about to learn that he was also a major creep...

Jenna thought that Kyle was a dreamboat until she went out with him. | Source: Unsplash


It started out quite well. Kyle picked Jenna up from her home and held the car door open like a real gentleman. When they arrived at the restaurant, Kyle pulled out Jenna's chair and settled her in comfortably.

Jenna felt as if she was in a dream! Then Kyle ordered champagne and started talking...about himself. Kyle had a lot to say, and all of it was flattering.

Don't judge a book by its cover.

He spoke about how successful he was, how good he was at tennis, what a great car he had, and how much he was going to earn this year. He never asked anything about Jenna.


When the waiter arrived with the menus, Kyle ordered without asking Jenna what SHE wanted. "I know exactly what's best here, Jenna!" Kyle said with a wink. "Place yourself in my hands and you'll be just fine!"

But Jenna didn't feel fine. She was feeling more and more irritated with Kyle and his bossy arrogance. "Calm down," Jenna told herself. "Smile! You didn't bring your own car and you're nine miles away from home!"

At first, Kyle seemed wonderful, but all he talked about was himself. | Source: Pexels


Jenna quickly realized that Kyle wasn't looking for a girlfriend, he was interviewing for the president of his fan club! The dinner dragged on and Jenna was feeling more and more desperate when suddenly Kyle's phone rang.

"Sorry, babe," Kyle said. "This is important..." Kyle jumped up and went outside and Jenna could see him walking back and forth in front of the restaurant's window, gesticulating wildly.

When he came back, his face was red and he was obviously upset. He grabbed his jacket and cried: "Sorry! I have to go! Raincheck for next week?" And just like that, Kyle was gone.

Jenna sat there absolutely stunned. She'd have to pay for the dinner and find her own way home! She settled the enormous bill with a grimace.


She walked out and looked around for a taxi, but the neighborhood was very quiet, and not a single car went by. There was a bus stop across the road and Jenna walked over.

"Smile! You didn't bring your own car and you're nine miles away from home!" | Source: Pexels


Oh no! According to the schedule fixed at the bus stop, she had missed the last bus! There didn't seem to be any taxis around, so Jenna pulled out her cellphone to call an Uber and exclaimed in annoyance. Her battery was dead...

Jenna ran back to the restaurant, but the doors were closed and the staff pretended not to see her knocking. What was she to do?

Jenna looked down at herself. She was wearing a pretty dress and strappy high-heeled sandals. She'd never make it home in THESE shoes!

She looked around. The street was deserted. She couldn't stay there, so she started walking. "It's only five blocks," she told herself. "I can do this!"


Jenna made it to the end of the first block before she started limping. Soon, she couldn't walk at all. She sat on the side of the road and took off her sandals.

Jenna had to pay the bill. | Source: Unsplash


The thin glittery straps had cut right into her ankles, and her feet were bleeding where several blisters had blossomed and burst. Jenna started crying.

She had never felt so tired and so helpless in her life. Then a quiet voice interrupted: "Excuse me? Are you OK?"

Jenna looked up. A tall man was standing next to her looking concerned. "Did you hurt yourself?" he asked.

Jenna bit her lips and shook her head. "I was so stupid..." she confessed. "I was walking home in high heels..."

The man immediately knelt down next to her and looked at Jenna's feet. "You can't walk another step!" he exclaimed, appalled.


Jenna had missed the last bus. | Source: Pexels

Jenna started crying. "I have to! I missed the bus, there are no taxis and my phone is dead..."

The man fished out his own phone and looked at it in dismay. "Sorry, no coverage...or I'd call you an Uber."


"I'll just wait here," Jenna said. "There will be a bus through here in three or four hours."

"No," the man said. "I'll take you home."

"Wait...You have a car?" asked Jenna.

There wasn't a taxi in sight. | Source: Pexels


"I do, but it's broken down," the man said. "Which is why I'm here, looking for a service station!"

"Then how are you going to take me home?" Jenna asked, bewildered, then she gave a scream when the man suddenly stooped down and scooped her up into his arms.

"Like this," he said. "By the way, I'm Ben!"

Jenna clung to his broad shoulders. "I'm Jenna, and that's very kind, but I live three blocks away! That's nearly nine miles!"

Ben grinned. "That's not a problem. princess, you're as light as a feather."


Jenna tried to walk home in her high heels. | Source: Unsplash

As Ben walked along, Jenna found herself telling him all about her disastrous evening with Kyle and how he'd left her in the lurch. "I can't believe I had ANOTHER date from hell!" Jenna sighed.


Ben looked down at her and said a bit breathlessly, "Maybe you're going out with the wrong men..."

Jenna saw that even though Ben wasn't conventionally handsome like Kyle, he had warm brown eyes with long dark lashes and adorable dimples when he smiled.

By the time they arrived on her doorstep, Jenna had told Ben her entire life's story. "Well, Jenna," Ben said. "Now you have to give me a chance to tell you MY story!"

Ben carried Jenna home in his arms. | Source: Shutterstock.com


Jenna gave Ben her phone number and said goodnight. The next day, she told her mother, "He's sweet and funny, but I don't think he's quite my type..."

"How does he make you feel?" Jenna's mom asked.

"Oh!" Jenna said. "Like a princess, like I'm precious..."

"Then he is exactly your type!" her mom said.

So when Ben called that evening to invite Jenna out to dinner, she agreed, and she had a wonderful time.

Ben and Jenna soon started dating, and six months later, he proposed. On their wedding day, the guests were stunned when the bridegroom carried the bride down the aisle in his arms -- in remembrance of their first meeting!


A year later, Ben and Jenna were married. | Source: Unsplash

What can we learn from this story?

  • Don't judge a book by its cover. Jenna thought Kyle was a catch because he was handsome and charming, but she had a huge disappointment.
  • Handsome is as handsome does. Ben wasn't as good-looking as Kyle but he was a true gentleman and he treated Jenna like a princess.

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