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Mom with 6-Month-Old Twins Gets Kicked Out of House, Has to Watch Them Sleeping on Car Mats

Karabo Baloyi
Jun 19, 2022
04:00 A.M.

Being pregnant with twins is often a joyous moment in a mom's life, but it is terrifying for a single mother facing eviction. After Rosana was evicted from her home, strangers stepped in and transformed her life.


Rosana Sastrami was a mother to a 13-year-old boy and worked as a property manager at the Vallejo Mobile Home Community and RV Park in California.

She was also pregnant with twins and going through the days as usual. A few months before delivery, doctors placed her on bed rest due to her pregnancy being high risk.


Rosana could still carry out some of her duties as a property manager, but she couldn't carry out all her responsibilities as she used to.


One day, Rosana was served an eviction notice. Since Rosana's employers provided her with free housing, the eviction notice claimed that she was being evicted due to performing substandard work.

Unfortunately, the moratorium issued by the government had many exceptions, one of which applied to Rosana’s situation.


During the early months of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic was wreaking havoc throughout the world, and the U.S government provided some relief to its most vulnerable citizens.


One form of relief the government provided was a moratorium to prevent people from being evicted.

Rosana had just given birth to her twin boys and worked hard to heal and keep her home. Rosana filed a lawsuit against her employer for wrongfully terminating her employment and evicting her out of her home, but unfortunately, she lost the suit.


Unfortunately, the moratorium issued by the government had many exceptions, one of which applied to Rosana's situation. Sadly, she was evicted from her home in July 2020. Her twins were only six months old.


Rosana was receiving unemployment payments, but they weren't enough to help her secure housing for herself and her children. She was being denied at shelters and quickly ran through money living in hotels. Rosana's situation was dire. She said:

"I couldn't find a job, I couldn't secure child care, I couldn't secure nothing."


When Rosana's situation became unbearable, she began living out of her car with her three sons. One evening, Rosana posted an image of her twins sleeping on the floor of her car. "I was so mad! I was mad at their dad, I was mad at my family, I was mad at myself," Rosana reflected.


Soon after she posted the image of her twins sleeping in the car, a stranger saw it and offered that she come to a shelter in Sacramento.

But shelter rules forbade her 13-year-old son from living there, so he had to move to Oakland to live with his father.


Rosana was trying hard to cling to hope, but things were not easy. "Sometimes I pray, and I'm just like 'please don't let this be my breaking day, please don't let me.' These types of situations people go crazy in but thank God I got my mind still [sic]," she said.


To get some financial assistance, Rosana created a GoFundMe fundraiser. "Any contribution will help and will be a blessing to me during this hard time. I will be using the funds to find a permanent home and necessities to live," she wrote in her plea for help.


Rosana's fundraiser went viral after a news outlet covered her struggles. Instead of the $4000 goal she set, she received over $118,000 from hundreds of strangers.


With her expectations completely exceeded, Rosana was able to buy a house for her and her three sons. "I just got the keys to our new home. I'm so excited to share [this] with everyone. It's been a crazy road, but I am excited." Rosana wrote on her GoFundMe page.

Have you ever felt broken from life's challenges and wondered why life has been cruel to you? Remember that kind people are often sent to us during the bad moments of life and can transform our situations for the better.

Strangers donated money to Rosana and exceeded her expectations to the point where she could buy a house for herself and her three sons.


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