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Bryan Cranston's Wife: How Did the Actors Meet?

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jun 16, 2022
05:25 P.M.
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Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston has been in the game for a long time, and behind this successful actor is his ageless wife, Robin Dearden. These two have been married since forever! Please get to know how they met.


Bryan Cranston is one of America's finest actors, whose years of experience have featured him in unforgettable films like "Breaking Bad" and "Malcolm in the Middle."

With his distinct appearance, he can be easily spotted, but recently, the actor pulled a stunt that got many talking—Cranston looked unrecognizable.

Robin Dearden and Bryan Cranston attend the 2019 Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall on June 9, 2019 in New York City | Source: Getty Images


The actor attended the 75th annual Tony Awards, shocking fans with his new look! The "Breaking Bad" actor rocked a significantly colossal beard.

Despite the changed appearance, he walked graciously to the stage with a smile when it was his time to call out the names of the nominees.


Cranston's look is not the only thing that has placed him in the headlines. His years of expertise and perfect marriage with Robin Dearden are also worthy of a headline feature. So what is the story behind these two hearts with an ideal Hollywood marriage?



The couple met while working on a relatively uninteresting TV show called "Airwolf." They acted side by side, with Cranston's character holding her hostage.

Despite their roles on the show and their involvement with other partners, when they met, Dearden was attracted by his sense of humor, describing him as "one of the funniest people I had ever met."


Years went by, and the former co-stars bumped into each other in an improv class, exchanging pleasantries with a lingering hello kiss: and the rest is history!

These two went on to have a successful union and have made their marriage the desire of all eyes in the industry.

Robin Dearden and Bryan Cranston attend the Tony Honors Cocktail Party Presenting The 2019 Tony Honors For Excellence In The Theater And Honoring The 2019 Special Award Recipients at Sofitel Hotel on June 03, 2019 in New York City | Source: Getty Images



While many gushes about the famous couple, it is worth noting that Cranston acted awkwardly when he wanted to propose, even though he was in love.

In recounting his proposal story with Steve Kroft on "60 Minutes," the actor explained that it happened on New Year's day. He was consumed with anxiety and felt that seeing his lover's face would make him cry.


So he planned not to stare at her and waited for when they had sat in a bathtub, facing the same direction. This made it easier for Cranston, who was facing Dearden's head.

Eventually, he lifted his leg from the water to display the rock hanging on his tiny toe, and unashamed, he blurted, "Here's your ring. But I can't reach it. Take the ring off my toe." While sharing the story, Dearden reminisced how she felt that the build-up to the proposal was silly yet, "so romantic. "

Bryan Cranston at the opening night of "American Son" on November 04, 2018 | Source: Getty Images



Cranston started as a young man with low expectations for himself, and he truly never understood the concept of commitment. This was his state of mind when he married Mickey Middleton, a writer from Florida.

The pair divorced in 1982, and Cranston boldly accepted that his unpreparedness allowed it.Fortunately, he met Dearden in 1986; three years later, they were husband and wife. The couple has been together for more than two decades.


When asked how different the first marriage was from his second, Cranston said:

"I don't believe there's just one person for you. And quite frankly, love among adults is conditional. We're in love right now. Oops, you killed someone? Ok, wait a minute, that's kind of a problem for me. It's all conditional."

It is glaring that they have a unique relationship. Again, the actor confessed that their love story had lasted because it began at a suitable age: when he was ready!