Little Boy Abandoned by Parents Wanders Alone for 8 Months until a Kind Stranger Notices Him

Stephen Thompson
Jun 25, 2022
06:00 P.M.

This is a story of how a kind-hearted stranger, not minding the racial differences or beliefs, rescued a helpless toddler who had been left alone by his family for nearly a year.


Being able to afford the little comforts of life, including the basics -- food, clothing, and shelter -- is a gift anyone should be proud of. All over the world, and especially in third world countries, there are millions of helpless children whose parents cannot give them these fundamentals.

But apart from being clawed by the lack of such provisions, some people in these societies still hold strong beliefs that are setbacks, such as child marriage and child labor, all stirred in a cup of ethnic convictions.

Sometimes they have religious beliefs backing up their morals or principles. Such was the case of this young Nigerian boy who, shockingly, was abandoned by his parents.


Thankfully, a stranger from a different world -- she is white, an adult, and from a developed country -- took an interest in this child, investing her time and giving him the necessities to thrive in life. The consequence? He is thriving!

While the young boy's parents thought the worst of their child, a visitor saw the best in him. She played the role of an angel, giving the poor boy a new life, a new story, and an everlasting miracle.



Anja Ringgren worked as a Danish aid in Nigeria, and during her visit in 2016, she met a young, poor boy who was only two years old, walking on the streets of a Nigerian town. She was shocked and heartbroken to see such a young child in such an inhuman situation.

The two-year-old boy was not an orphan. He had parents, but they chose to leave him alone to die, as they believed that he was possessed by a demonic spirit. This child had wandered the streets with no one to help for eight months, but on this day, in January 2016, his story changed!


Ringgren did not care what his society or parents thought; she did not care how he looked (he was fragile due to lack of food and care).

She ignored his skin color; the first thing this angel in human form thought of was to offer him water. As soon as he drank to his fill, Ringgren wrapped him up in warm clothing and headed to the local medical center.


Following the rescue mission with David Emmanuel Umem, Nsidibe Orok, and her entire Nigerian team, Ringgren named the wandering boy Hope, and soon the photo of her humanitarian service went viral, making their story spread like wildfire.


Many felt emotional about the young boy's experience, and while he was still receiving medical attention, they reached out, pledging support by funding his medical expenses.

Slowly and steadily, more hope was restored as Hope began to look better. He responded positively to treatments, and in no time, he looked different, as he had put on some pounds.

Ringgren did not adopt Hope, but she gave him the best life. The Danish aid ensured that he was looked after in the DINNødhjælp Orphanage. There, he mingled with other kids and was blessed with as much love and affection from the kids and staff.



Despite leaving the country, Ringgren had the young rescued boy in mind, and a year later, she visited him. When they reunited, the Danish native recreated their first photo where she gave him a drink from a bottle.

Ringgren explained that he was hitting a milestone—Hope was to begin school! In 2019, she updated the world on his reality. This time, she shared photos of how the journey began and the tremendous growth Hope had experienced.


Alongside the photos, Ringgren wrote a lengthy message, sharing her first-time ordeal with the young boy. Her story revealed that people are still plagued with superstitions that have done more harm than good.

Ringgren explained that she had partnered with a team who made things possible. The humanitarian gave the honor of the rescue mission to her squad and avoided taking the glory of the day. Instead, she said:

"It was a team effort. I'm not, nor will I ever be the white Saviour coming to rescue African children. I'm only human and I'm just doing what I feel is right to do."


She added that handling kids with a traumatic experience like Hope's is not a walk in the park. However, Ringgren commended the young boy and the orphanage for their efforts in his recovery. In her words:

"Today Hope is a very strong and very healthy young boy with an incredible amount of self-esteem. He is highly intelligent and he loves to go to school…Hope is where he is today because of the staff of Land of Hope. They are the real heroes of this story."

In conclusion, Ringgren wrote a sweet note to Hope, adding that he is a strong boy who will conquer the world independently. She also added the words, "I will always love you."




This is a tale of unconditional love, not of two lovers, but of one privileged adult and a helpless, hopeless child whose worlds never remained the same after their first meeting.

Having read through, do you believe that Ringgren was Hope's destined angel? Well, thankfully, we still have many angels in human form sharing a piece of their heavenly love.

Funnily enough, these angels come in different forms. They could be a child, best friend, neighbor, sibling, or even stranger.

Please share your experiences about how those around you have been of great help to you, sacrificing their time and affection.

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