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Little Boy Tragically Loses Dad, Helps Save Mom from Death Just 10 Days Later: 'I Can't Lose Her'

Stephen Thompson
Jun 27, 2022
09:30 A.M.

Watching someone battle death is an experience that leaves many in shock without knowing what to do, but not for an eight-year-old boy from Massachusetts. This story details how the little boy's quick and intelligent thinking helped prevent what might have ended in a tragedy.


Traumatic events usually happen quickly and chaotically, and most times, the people who go through those moments never forget them. One of such unforgettable moments is when someone is involved in a traumatic event and believes they would die or be badly hurt.

While it can be terrifying for the party involved, it is also unforgettable for a person who witnesses someone else face those near-death experiences.

Questions like "What do I do?" "Who do I call?" "What happens if this person dies now?" ravages their minds, and they are left in a confused state. This was the case of a little boy who witnessed his mother choking on a muffin and gasping for breath.


For the young lad, seeing his mother on the verge of death and the thought of eventually losing her was overwhelming, as he had already experienced tragedy a week prior.

However, in the end, the situation would pan out differently, and the mother and child's fears would turn into gratitude. Here are the full details of the mind-blowing story.

Michael O'Brien Jr was only eight years old when he lost his father, Michael O'Brien Sr., on April 16, 2017. According to a police report, the 34-year-old auto mechanic died in a car crash at about 6:26 p.m. after losing control of his vehicle while driving on a residential street.


It was a heartbreaking moment for Michael Jr. and his mother, Marie Hunt, but ten days later, the mother and son would face another traumatic moment.


On April 26, 2017, Hunt made oatmeal muffins just before her son went to school. After she was done, the woman, Michael Jr., and his three-month-old baby brother, Declan, sat down for breakfast.

A muffin | Source: Pexels

A muffin | Source: Pexels

After Hunt tried a muffin, she started choking on the dessert. A piece of the food had lodged in her throat and was preventing her from breathing. At that moment, Hunt was terrified, especially for her son, who was still very young.

"Please God, don't let me die in front of this kid," Hunt thought to herself. The woman yearned to live because she could not afford to make her kids orphans. In her words:


"First of all, I didn't want to die. Secondly, my son is already just been through a huge trauma, losing his dad, and now to watch his mom gasping for air and can't breathe… I was totally panicking."

A boy placing a phone call while looking at a laptop screen | Source: Pexels

A boy placing a phone call while looking at a laptop screen | Source: Pexels

While Hunt harbored those thoughts, Michael Jr. was also scared to death. "I was so scared. I already lost my dad. What would I have done without my mom?" the little boy confessed.


Even though he was scared, Michael Jr did not panic, as he felt it could make his mom more frightened. Instead, he sprung into action, using the training he had received as an active Boy Scout member. The little boy made it known that they had taught him to stay calm in the face of danger and call 911.


So, Michael Jr. called the emergency number and talked to the dispatcher until they arrived at the location. Thankfully, before the paramedics got there, Hunt was able to dislodge the muffin from her throat and breathe.

An ambulance | Source: Pexels

An ambulance | Source: Pexels

Still, she believed that had it not been for her son's fast thinking, the situation would have panned out differently. In no time, Hunt was entirely okay and ready to drop off Michael Jr. at school. After dropping him off, the little boy joked about the incident, telling his mom not to eat for the rest of the year.

Eventually, the story went viral, and many people tagged Michael Jr. as a hero, and the little boy's mother could not be prouder of her son. "I was terrified, but [Mickey] said, 'Mom, I held it together, and I was brave, and I kept calm because I didn't want you to panic,'" the proud mom confessed.


Michael Jr will always be praised, as his quick reaction and selflessness saved the most precious person in his life.

Please share this story if you find it intriguing and let Michael Jr. get all the praise he deserves.

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