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Boy without Jaw Who Has Never Spoken a Word Becomes a Famous Rapper

Salwa Nadeem
Jun 28, 2022
07:00 A.M.
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In an interesting turn of events, a Phoenix boy born without a jaw who had never spoken a word became a famous rapper. His first rap song went viral in no time.


Most people take their blessings for granted until they lose one of them. Some of these blessings include our body and the ability to complete everyday tasks without trouble.

Sometimes, babies are born with disabilities that hinder their ability to do certain things, making them give up on their dreams. The teen boy in today's story was also born with a rare condition, but he became an inspiration for others by chasing his dreams and turning them into reality.

Isaiah Acosta. | Source: youtube.com/Great Big Story

Isaiah Acosta. | Source: youtube.com/Great Big Story



When Tarah Acosta gave birth to her son Isaiah Acosta, the doctors told her he wouldn't survive because of the medical condition he was born with. He had trouble breathing and couldn't speak because of a missing lower jaw.

As little Isaiah grew older, Tarah discovered that he could hear adequately despite not being able to speak. She also knew her son didn't have any mental disability, which meant he could think like other children. Tarah recalled:

"Isaiah was a fighter — he beat the odds."



Because of Isaiah's multiple complicated medical conditions, he often fell sick because air didn't get filtered when he inhaled, causing bacteria to enter his body. Moreover, he took more time recovering from a cold because he couldn't cough.

The teenager also enjoyed writing songs and poems, not knowing he would soon become famous by following his passion.

Despite not being able to talk, Isaiah communicated well through his gestures, facial expressions, a few sounds, and writing. He loved to pen down his thoughts and share them with others. His mother revealed Isaiah never used sign language to communicate as his school didn't teach it to him, reportedly because he wasn't deaf.



When it comes to fashion sense, Isaiah knows no bounds. He has a collection of 40 pairs of sneakers and loves wearing each of them. Tarah recalled that as a toddler, Isaiah never wanted to get dirty and ensured his shoes were clean. She revealed:

"He's very high-maintenance. He loves getting his eyebrows threaded. He wishes he could do it weekly."

Inspired by hip-hop culture, Isaiah wore a big gold watch that matched his personality. He also caught everyone's attention whenever he laughed because it was rare to see a young boy laugh silently.



Tarah recalled that one of the first things Isaiah learned after walking was dancing to hip-hop music. Little Isaiah enjoyed listening to 50 Cent songs when he was five, letting his mother know about his passion for music.

With time, Isaiah's love for music grew. After turning 15, he loved listening to hip-hop and rap songs. The teenager also enjoyed writing songs and poems, not knowing he would soon become famous by following his passion. He said:

"I connect with rap — I enjoy the energy of it."



Isaiah's medical condition made him dependent on others. He needed 24/7 care to do his everyday tasks, but that never disappointed him. He lived his life to the fullest no matter what he went through. His doctors even suggested getting a cosmetic jaw, but Isaiah refused their offer, saying:

"Just because society thinks I should look that way don't mean I should have to. Some risks are not worth it."

Like other teenagers, Isaiah loved taking selfies and posted them on Instagram. However, some people tried to bring him down by commenting about his physical appearance, but Isaiah didn't give up. He remained determined and never let people's comments hurt him.



After going through the worst, Isaiah developed a soft spot for children struggling in life. He often attended events at Phoenix Children's Hospital and Children's Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals.

At one of the events, Isaiah told the attendees he wanted to become a rapper one day. Little did he know that someone in the crowd would soon make his wish come true.

Topher Horman, a creative producer at CMN, took it upon himself to fulfill Isaiah's innocent wish. Despite knowing he couldn't speak, Horman contacted Trap House, a famous Pheonix rapper, to help Isaiah achieve his goal. Horman said:


"I thought that Isaiah’s incredibly rare, magnetic personality should be introduced to America in a visually intimate, real presentation of his confidence and power."



In 2016, Isaiah took the first step towards turning his dream into reality by meeting Trap House for the first time. The teenager showed the famous rapper what he had written. Trap House said:

"I was impressed with how social he is and how much he has overcome in his life to get to where he is today."

When the rapper first read Isaiah's lyrics, he knew the boy was talented. He described his experience working with Isaiah as "incredible" and revealed how the boy was involved in every step of recording his first rap song.



Besides writing his first rap song, Isaiah monitored the production process and selected the beat he wanted. House wanted the music to turn out as it was in the boy's head, so he supported him during the entire song production and recording process. House said:

"With rap, you always hope to be able to speak for the voiceless. To be presented with an opportunity to literally do that has been amazing."

While creating the rap song, House and Isaiah became friends. They had the same interests -- music, dancing, and dressing up. Working with a mute boy was a unique experience for House, and he enjoyed every bit of it, not knowing that their song would soon go viral.



Isaiah's lyrics and House's voice made their first-ever collaboration, "Oxygen to Fly," go viral in no time. It received more than a million views, and soon, news outlets started contacting the duo.

Many people resonated with the duo's rap song about Isaiah's life struggles. It motivated others to be proud of themselves and never pay attention to people's demeaning comments. Through the song, Isaiah became the voice of many people who could relate to every lyric he wrote.


Recording a song with a well-known rapper was a life-changing experience for the teenager. He had never thought of writing a rap song that would reach the masses in no time. After his song went viral, he wished to work in the music industry after graduating from college.



While Isaiah wanted to move out of his house when he turned 18, his situation didn't allow him. Because of his medical condition, Isaiah always needed assistance, so living alone was not an option for him.

However, he did record more songs with Trap House after their first rap song made waves. Isaiah regularly posts photos on Instagram to keep his followers updated about his life. Isaiah said:

"I want to keep writing music and I want to help children who get bullied. I want to help fix the world in any way I can."


Isaiah's story proves that nothing is impossible. Despite his medical condition, the teenager achieved his goals and turned his dreams into reality. All he needed was support from his family and the right direction. Share this story with your friends and family if you think it might inspire them.

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