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Couple Is Blessed with Quadruplets on 4th of July after 11 Years of Infertility and 4 Miscarriages

Stephen Thompson
Jul 04, 2022
11:09 A.M.
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After more than a decade of attempting to have kids, a couple was surprised with four healthy kids born within four minutes of each other. Find out what the waiting was like for them and what they had to do before they struck gold.


When a couple decides to get married, they take the first step to creating a family. The next step is procreation which ensures the continuity of the family; however, sometimes, things don't go according to plan.

Tony and Allyson Ponto from Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota, had always desired children to bless their union; however, the journey to parenthood was much longer and harder than they expected.


Tony and Allyson made multiple attempts to have kids. The pair had struggled with infertility for more than a decade, so when they discovered that they were having quadruplets, they were pleasantly shocked.

Allyson reportedly got pregnant four different times in six years; however, all of them ended in miscarriages that completely crushed their spirit.

They had to endure an endless cycle of excitement at conception, followed by their world caving in when doctors would let them know they had lost the pregnancy.


As if that was not bad enough, the miscarriages left Allyson with scar tissue that prevented her from getting pregnant naturally. It was discouraging circumstances, but the pair never gave up.

Determined to have a family, they turned to In-vitro fertilization — a process that has a 30% chance of success. Knowing this, the doctors implanted three embryos to boost Allyson's chances of conceiving.


Some weeks later, the couple returned for an ultrasound at the hospital, and right before their very eyes, the machine displayed not one, not two, but three babies. "Three? We got three babies?" Tony had said in excitement, but the doctor had more news — there was one more.

Indeed, Allyson and Tony were to have quadruplets, and two of them were identical twins. It was 11 years after they started trying to have kids, and the pair were beside themselves with happiness.


They were also fortunate not to have a miscarriage, and they welcomed all four kids (all girls) in 2017 on the fourth of July, the same day the US celebrates Independence Day — Tony's favorite holiday.

Allyson had been scheduled for a C-section toward the end of the month. She had believed she could carry the babies for 34 weeks, but the kids had other plans.

The pair shared news of their children's arrival on a Facebook page which documents their journey, and they also revealed their names; Olivia Susan, Anna Louise, Morgan Price, and Carolyn Grace. The girls were welcomed in week 32, and after the delivery, they remained at the hospital to receive care.


Such a large number of kids being born at once can be very risky. Still, besides the limited respiratory support these children required after birth, they were otherwise healthy, and the whole family was released to go home after a few weeks.

Allyson said at the time: "It makes me cry, like every day, because I'm just so happy that they're here and they're healthy." After netizens caught wind of their story, many well-wishers rallied to their support.


Raising one child is cost-intensive, and the couple had four kids all in one go which makes it four times harder. But thanks to donations from their loved ones as well as strangers, the pair got a pretty great head start. Allyson showed her appreciation on their Facebook page. She wrote:

"EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR MESSAGES MEANS SO MUCH TO US !!!! Keep the prayers and well wishes coming!!!!!! How did we get so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family ???? We love you all !!!"

Having quadruplets in the US is not very common, which makes Allyson and Tony's kids quite special. The delivery, which took only about four minutes, was even more unique, and everyone went home safe and sound.


In a video shared on YouTube, users got to see the proud parents showering love and attention on their kids, and it melted many hearts. Tony and Allyson also shared some details on the personalities of the kids.

According to the proud mom, Anna was always about eating, usually wanting to do it all day; Morgan was described as the "scooter" who was always moving around; Olivia was the "chill one," and Carolyn was a charm.


All four quickly endeared themselves to their parents, and while Allyson confessed she didn't have a favorite, her husband chose Morgan as his. According to his wife, that was because, of all the kids, Morgan was the one that looked the most like him.

Their story is a happy one that emphasizes just how important it is to never give up, even if there are many overwhelming obstacles on the path to the desired goal.

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