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Mom Who Believed She's Infertile Cannot Contain Emotions upon Holding Her Quadruplets for the First Time

Brittany Chalmers
Jun 17, 2022
03:30 P.M.

One couple was desperate to grow their family, but after years of trying, they started to wonder if they would ever get their bundle of joy. Years later, they received a piece of news that changed their lives forever.


Infertility is an issue faced in many homes, and many hopeful parents dream about the day their miracle will be granted. For a lucky few, their wishes come true, giving them more than they could have ever expected.

Read one family's unbelievable story and discover the life-changing question a mom asked her doctor. It displayed her absolute disbelief toward the situation.

Ashley and Lance Crandell with their family. | Source: youtube.com/12 News

Ashley and Lance Crandell with their family. | Source: youtube.com/12 News


Ashley Crandell, 36, and her husband, Lance, 41, were surprised when efforts to fall pregnant didn't go as planned. They had conceived a little girl named Isla without much effort and expected a similar journey for their second attempt.


However, the couple experienced secondary infertility for about four years. Ashley shared:

"There was a point where I thought we were never going to be able to give Isla a sibling and I was devastated. I always wanted a big family."

The mom tried to stay positive, but on many occasions, she felt their dream of becoming parents again wasn't meant to be. "Our bodies aren't working," said a despondent Ashley.



Both Lance and Ashley had health conditions that contributed to their fertility issues, so they decided to give artificial insemination a chance. This was their final attempt to conceive, and they didn't have high hopes for the IUI process.

The couple had mixed emotions and knew it wouldn't be an easy road ahead for them.

Ashley revealed: "We're getting older. And so you know, it wasn't going to be much longer that we were able to keep trying for kids." They waited patiently for news from their doctor and, after six weeks, received a potentially life-changing phone call.



The couple was prepared for disappointment. After all, it had been a long four-year journey. However, their doctor informed them that the process was successful—they were pregnant!

Ashley and Lance looked at their ultrasound in awe and were delighted by the good news. As they studied the scan, they were confused by what they saw.

The technician showed them four pictures labeled baby one, two, three, and maybe four. Ashley stared at the screen and asked a question revealing her disbelief. "Is that four pictures of one baby (sic)?" the perplexed mom asked.



When doctors told the duo that they were expecting four babies, they didn't know how to respond. The couple had mixed emotions and knew it wouldn't be an easy road ahead for them. Ashley recalled:

"I remember looking at those four heartbeats and thinking, 'Should we be excited or should we be terrified?' I decided we could be both all at once."

They prepared for the birth to the best of their abilities, and Ashley had a healthy pregnancy, but the babies came nine weeks early.



Born on February 11, 2022, in Phoenix, Arizona, Wesley, Emma, Leah, and Nora didn't have an easy arrival Earth-side. Their premature birth resulted in ten weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

The quadruplets needed to learn how to breathe by themselves, but all things considered, they were doing well. The #CrandellQuads were miracle babies, and their parents were thrilled. The proud mom said:

"I couldn't believe they were finally here."



Ashley had tears streaming down her face when the little ones were placed in her arms for the first time. The significant moment made all of the heartbreak and negative pregnancy tests worth it.

As the infants rested on her chest, she was at peace, knowing that everything had happened as it was meant to. Ashley expressed:

"I’m gonna start crying just thinking about it. When you’re pregnant with quadruplets, it’s hard to fathom that there are four humans in there. I saw them on ultrasounds every week, but it’s not the same."

She couldn't believe all four babies belonged to her and was speechless thinking about the gift she was blessed with. Having five perfect children was more than she ever dreamed about.



The couple had hoped to have three, four, or five kids during their parenting journey, but they could never have imagined how it would happen. Dad Lance explained:

"You know, I think [having more kids] was always the plan. Just not like this."

While they faced various health challenges with their quadruplets, the couple was ready to face whatever life threw their way. The belief that "obviously, this is the route [they] were meant to take" kept the family going.


The Crandells said they planned to move into a bigger home with enough space for all seven of them. The parents were also eager to watch their children grow and remained immensely grateful for their many blessings.

Please share this story with those desperate to welcome a baby. They might be on the verge of giving up, but Ashley's pregnancy gives them a reason to keep believing in miracles.

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