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46-Year-Old Mom Believes She Is Infertile, Finds Out She's Pregnant after Her Son's Prayers

Salwa Nadeem
May 29, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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After a 46-year-old mother had given up on having more babies, life surprised her with a miracle. She felt her pregnancy resulted from her youngest son's prayers because all her life, she believed she was infertile.


Conceiving a baby might sound like an easy thing, but it's usually the most challenging part of life for some couples. Often, health complications hinder people's ability to have a baby.

Sometimes, infertility treatments do wonders for couples who cannot have a child, but sometimes, they don't. This story is about a woman who almost gave up on having a baby even after undergoing fertility treatments.



As a child, Erin Eicher loved children dearly and always dreamed of having her own babies. She got married to her husband in 1996 while she was still in college, but she didn't wish to have children at that time because she was too young.

After three years, Erin was ready to have a child, but fate had other plans for her. Her health issues didn't allow her to conceive, so her mother-in-law suggested taking some herbal pills to cure her infertility.

Erin religiously took the medicine, thinking she would conceive soon, but she saw no improvement in her health even after taking the pills for 2.5 years.



While her medication didn't work, Erin felt terrible seeing her relatives and friends making birth announcements. She would often cry and pray for a baby, but it seemed like nothing worked for her.

In April 2010, Erin and her husband adopted a 10-month-old girl, Eden.

After her mother-in-law's recommended medicines didn't work, Erin and her husband decided to visit a fertility clinic. The doctor ran multiple tests on the couple and concluded that an imbalance in Erin's hormones wasn't allowing her to conceive. She was put on medication to help her ovulate.



A few months later, Erin finally received the news she had waited for. She got pregnant with her first baby and gave birth to him in Thailand. She and her husband were over the moon to welcome their first son, Abraham, in 2004.

Erin nursed Abraham for six months and then started planning to have another baby. Hoping to get her cycles to return to normal, she didn't realize that her son wasn't ready to be weaned off. She said:

"Looking back now, I wished I had never done that."



Once Abraham turned two, Erin retook the fertility medicines, but they didn't work this time. Feeling hopeless, she consulted her fertility doctor in the U.S., but nothing seemed to work. Erin recalled:

"We decided we needed a break and didn’t want to pursue fertility treatments any further."

Erin found another doctor who told her that her hormones were out of balance and treated her for three years. However, she felt his treatment only worked for a few months, and then she would be back to square one.



Erin wished to have another child after Abraham, but her body wasn't allowing her. Her helplessness made her wonder if her husband had married the wrong person because she couldn't give birth to his children. Erin said:

"I still had a child to care for, but I was not doing well."

In April 2010, Erin and her husband adopted a 10-month-old girl, Eden. For Erin, adoption was a way to expand her family. She wanted a child for herself and a sibling for Abraham.



A few years later, Erin found a doctor who helped control her hormone levels through herbal treatment. She chose him because she didn't want to take regular medicines.

After working with the doctor for more than a year, Erin became pregnant but soon lost her baby due to a miscarriage. However, 1.5 years later, she conceived again. She said:

"This time, I carried full term, and I gave birth to our second son, Ezekiel, in 2014."



Erin and her husband didn't wish to have more children after Ezekiel, and neither were they hopeful about it. In 2022, the couple received the biggest shock of their lives when they discovered Erin was pregnant at 46. She recalled:

"My youngest had been praying for a baby, but I told him people at our age don't have more kids, and it probably wasn't going to happen."

Erin inspires other women struggling with infertility by sharing motivational chunks from her miraculous journey on her Instagram account.

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