On the 4TH of July, Boy Performs CPR to Older Lady, 15 Years Later He Wakes up a Millionaire — Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jul 07, 2022
10:30 A.M.

A teen boy performs a heroic act on July 4 and saves an older woman's life by performing CPR on her. 15 years down the line, the older woman returns his favor in a way that makes him a millionaire.


If there was something 12-year-old Ashton Baker had ever dreamed of, it was becoming a successful doctor one day and saving people's lives. His late father, Steven Baker, was a doctor and Ashton wanted to make him proud by following in his footsteps.

On the 4th of July, when our country's general population was proudly celebrating our troops' victories, Ashton had no idea he would be performing a heroic act and saving someone's life! In fact, the day had started no different for Ashton or his friends, who had planned to attend a town fair held every year on the remarkable day.

Before heading there, Ashton's friends met at their pre-decided spot and proceeded to the fair together. When the signal light at a crossing turned red, the group of teens paused walking and waited for the signal to go green.

While his friends were chatting, Ashton was gazing around, and his attention was drawn to an older woman dressed entirely in black near the crossing signal. Ashton could tell she was in extreme discomfort, and before another second passed, she was on the ground!

Ashton and his friends were excited for the 4th of July fair. | Source: Pexels

Ashton and his friends were excited for the 4th of July fair. | Source: Pexels


The light went green, and Ashton's friends dashed up the street. "Ashton! Hurry up! We're gonna be late!" they shouted. But Ashton couldn't think about anything at the moment except the old lady and helping her.

"You guys go ahead! I'll join you later!" he said as he dashed over to the woman and examined her like his dad had taught him. "She's having a heart attack!" he yelled. "Please, somebody call the ambulance!"

Looking at her condition, Ashton knew he didn't have time to lose. He started giving her chest compressions and doing mouth-to-mouth. Fortunately, someone called an ambulance, which arrived quickly and took the woman to the hospital.

She managed to open her eyes briefly while being carried on the stretcher and looked at Ashton with grateful eyes. "Angel," she whispered. "You're an angel…."

As the ambulance took her away, Ashton hoped the older woman would be fine. He decided to head to the fair now that she was safely transported to the hospital, but a buzzing sound halted him. Looking around, he spotted a purse on the ground with a phone peeking from it.

Ashton's correct timing in performing CPR on the woman saved her life. | Source: Unsplash

Ashton's correct timing in performing CPR on the woman saved her life. | Source: Unsplash


Picking up the phone, Ashton noticed the caller ID said Matthew and the picture on the screen was the older woman hugging a young man. Ashton realized the purse belonged to the older woman and responded to the phone call.

"Hey, mom!" exclaimed a frantic voice on the phone. "Why aren't you answering your phone? Do you have any idea how concerned I was? I've told you countless times—" Before he could finish, Ashton cut him off.

"Umm, hey, hi," he replied. "My name is Ashton. Your mother ... umm ... she was taken to the hospital for a heart attack. The paramedics have just left, and I found her purse here lying on the road."

"After her death, she leaves the million-dollar fortune to you. Her lawyer will contact you shortly."

"Wait a minute, what? Jesus Christ!" Matthew sighed. "Ashton, please do me a favor. Please let me know where you are. I'll come and get her belongings. Can you wait until I get there?"

"Alright, okay!" Ashton gave Matthew the address, and he was there in a matter of minutes. He was extremely grateful to Ashton for his help.

Matthew was deeply grateful to Ashton for helping his mother. | Source: Pexels

Matthew was deeply grateful to Ashton for helping his mother. | Source: Pexels


"Thanks a bunch, man," he told Ashton. "You were really cool to help her. She's still kind of reeling over dad's loss … he left us only recently. I advised her not to go to visit him alone, but she doesn't listen!"

Ashton smiled and said, "Don't worry, she's gonna be fine, and I'm glad I could help her. Honestly, I hope I can save many more lives and become a doctor! I might sound pretty novice, but I learned some medical stuff from the internet out of curiosity, and it kind of helped me today .... You don't really have to thank me, Matthew. I was just doing what anyone would have done!"

"Trust me, you're too mature for your age, buddy! Thanks a ton...Sorry, what was your name again?"

"Ashton Baker, you can call me Ashton!" young Ashton said, smiling.

"I will never forget that name! Thanks again!" Matthew replied as he left for the hospital.

Ashton received an unexpected email as a 27-year-old. | Source: Pexels

Ashton received an unexpected email as a 27-year-old. | Source: Pexels


15 years after that fateful day, 27-year-old Ashton was pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor at one of the state's most prestigious medical universities. Ashton had a hard time dealing with his assignments, though, and he was checking his mail while taking a break when he chanced upon an email from Matthew. His eyes opened wide in surprise as he read it.

"Are you kidding me?" he thought to himself. The email Ashton had received said:

"Hey, Ashton! This is Matthew! I hope you remember me. Just in case you don't, you helped my mother 15 years ago," it began. "Thanks to you, she was saved and lived many more blissful years with us.

"She was very happy every time she mentioned you. She was quite proud of you when she found out you wanted to be a doctor. My dad was also a doctor, and after his death, I inherited his various hospitals. But because I decided to pursue a different career, my mother was in charge of the chain of hospitals.

The old woman was grateful to Ashton throughout her life. | Source: Pexels

The old woman was grateful to Ashton throughout her life. | Source: Pexels


Before her death, she left her million-dollar fortune to you. Her lawyer will contact you shortly. On a more serious note, only God knows how much work I had to put in to find you! Consider this your reward for helping my mom! Have a great future ahead. I am super proud of you!"

"This is unbelievable! I'm a millionaire because I saved that older woman's life as a 12-year-old? This is crazy!"

In his reply, Ashton said that this was far too big a responsibility for him, but Matthew assured him there was no rush. He could take over the charge of the hospitals when he was mentally prepared for it.

Ashton called his mother the next day and told her everything. She didn't believe him and thought he was playing pranks on her. But several days later, when the older woman Stella's lawyer came to see them and confirmed the news, she was in tears.

"Oh, honey! You made your daddy proud today...." she said and hugged him.

To date, Ashton can't believe what happened, but he's doing incredible as a doctor and has made his parents, Stella, and so many other people proud as one of the top doctors in the country!

Today, Ashton is one of the top doctors in the country. | Source: Pexels

Today, Ashton is one of the top doctors in the country. | Source: Pexels


What can we learn from this story?

  • The power to help someone in need is unmatchable and can profoundly affect someone's life. Ashton saved Stella's life, and she never forgot him. In fact, before she left for her heavenly abode, she left something for him that was her way of saying thanks to him.
  • Kindness somehow finds its way back to you. When Ashton noticed Stella was in trouble, he didn't hesitate even a second before helping her. 15 years later, Stella sent him an unexpected reward for his kindness.

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