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Fiancée Slams Groom-To-Be for Buying 'Little' Engagement Ring after 8 Years Together, People Agree

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 13, 2022
04:00 P.M.
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When a woman's fiancé finally proposed after eight years together, she couldn't wait to become his wife. However, her engagement ring didn't look like she expected, and it divided the internet.


Getting married is a significant moment, and picking the perfect dress and wedding band is essential to many people. However, some are not concerned about the finer details and only care about making a lifelong commitment.

After picking an engagement ring, one husband-to-be eagerly popped the question. The woman of his dreams said yes, but she had reservations about the new piece of jewelry on her finger.

A simplistic ring. | Source: flickr.com

A simplistic ring. | Source: flickr.com



A woman believed to be from the United Kingdom shared a photo in 2019 that caused a massive online debate. She and her boyfriend of eight years had been talking about saying "I do" for three years.

Many people highlighted that the ring wasn't important. They believed love, commitment, and protecting one's future spouse mattered more.

The woman was under the impression her husband-to-be had been saving for her engagement ring. But she felt differently after seeing the accessory he presented to her. While she loved him unconditionally, she had a question for netizens.

A man and woman holding hands. | Source: unsplash.com

A man and woman holding hands. | Source: unsplash.com


The disgruntled bride-to-be didn't think the thin gold band and accompanying "tiny" diamond ring was worth three years of preparation. She wrote:


"This is the ring he said he saved up to buy me. Am I being shady or materialistic if I tell [him I don't] want this little [expletive] ring?"

The woman wasn't impressed with the piece intended to sit on her finger forever. The delicate item was later posted to Reddit by someone else asking if the bride-to-be's harsh words were justified.

A couple. | Source: unsplash.com

A couple. | Source: unsplash.com



Naturally, commenters had varying opinions, and many had heated views on the topic. Users called the ring "embarrassing," and one person asked a shocking question. They questioned whether her ring featured "a diamond for ants."

People said it would've been better for the fiance to forgo a ring instead of making his wife-to-be wear "the saddest ring they had ever seen." Someone else admitted:

"Honestly, I'm with her on this. You can get affordable rings that don't look like they came out of the little dispenser machine next to the stickers and gumballs at Cici's Pizza."



Users quickly insisted they wouldn't wear the ring for practical reasons. One netizen noted: "It's very dainty. I love dainty jewelry. But good Lord, that looks like if she makes a fist, [it will] snap!" Others said the size wasn't the issue.

They weren't fans of the overall appearance of the piece of jewelry. A user indicated:

"I actually snorted at how tiny and pitiful it looks. I know I'd be happy with a basic inexpensive one, as long as it didn't look like a tiny wire wrapped around my finger."



Much of the online community believed the fiance lied about "saving up" for the engagement ring, and others questioned the couple's communication skills. A netizen shared:

"They’ve been talking about getting married for 3 years but never talked about rings or budget? I would not wear that ring, not because it’s small, but because it’s not my taste."

A dainty ring. | Source: flickr.com

A dainty ring. | Source: flickr.com



Contrastingly, some users were fans of the ring. One commenter admitted: "I kind of like her ring. It's very modern and sleek looking. I'd wear that in a heartbeat."

Many people highlighted that the ring wasn't essential. They believed love, commitment, and protecting one's future spouse mattered more. Someone aptly said:

"When the ring is the issue, the ring is not the issue."

A couple embracing. | Source: unsplash.com

A couple embracing. | Source: unsplash.com


Questions To Ponder:

  • Was the bride-to-be justified in her feelings?

Many women dream about their perfect wedding day and envision every detail—including their ring. Their partners must ask for photos of their desired engagement rings to avoid buying something unsuitable. However, the bride-to-be in question should have spoken with her husband-to-be privately instead of publicly shaming him.

  • Does the size of the ring matter?

Taste differs and preference is personal. Many prefer minimalist looks, while others want glitzy and glamourous rings. The size of one's engagement ring carries no importance—but communication with one's partner about their hopes and expectations is vital.

What would you do if you didn't like your engagement ring? Share your proposal story and ring photo in the comments below!

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