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Woman Falls in Love with Homeless Man and Believes in Him — Now They're Married with 3 Kids

Daniella Segell
Jul 17, 2022
07:40 A.M.
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While TikTok is home to many entertaining videos, it is the heartwarming clips that truly keep its users coming back for more. Today's story is about love and commitment shared on TikTok recently. One couple's unlikely love story has gone viral.


Love at first sight is a phenomenon that many people wish to experience in their lives. We have been reading and hearing about it for a long time. However, very few people truly get to experience it.

We might not be able to find our love at first sight because we're looking in all the wrong places, though. One woman, Luz Yesenia Geronimo Cerna, found the love of her life in an unlikely situation that has left viewers both shocked and delighted.



Luz was volunteering in her community in Nuevo San Juan, Mexico when she met the man she was to spend the rest of her life with. However, the story is not something that anybody would have expected.

While Luz had simply set out to do one good deed and help those who were essentially helpless, she got far more than she bargained for when she met a man who would change her life forever.

When Luz met her future husband, Juan Mendoza Alvizar, he was homeless. Luz approached Juan when he lived rough on the streets and asked if she could give him a makeover, starting with a haircut.


It was a special day for all involved, and although Luz had no idea that she would find love that day, she revealed that there was no stopping it. She revealed the thing that sealed the deal and said:

"The first thing I saw was his way of treating people."

It was this way of treating people that attracted Luz to Juan, and the pair experienced love at first sight. Luz also revealed that after giving Juan a haircut, she was surprised at how good he looked.



Luz revealed that their relationship has been good from the beginning and has been exactly what she was looking for in her life. She has also mentioned that Juan's family treats her as if she was their daughter, which she appreciates.

After taking their relationship to the next level and getting married in 2011, the couple has had three children -- Larissa, twelve; Kimberly, nine; and Zazil, three. Luz revealed in the TikTok video that the moment she met Juan, she knew she would be his wife one day.

Despite Juan's difficult circumstances when they met, Luz was indeed correct about the future that she and Juan would share and even said:


"There is no doubt that he who seeks finds, I found the other half that I needed with him."



The video has amassed more than 358,000 likes on TikTok, and the comments on the clip are almost as entertaining as the clip itself, with commenters wishing to experience a love similar to the one that Juan and Luz have.

Luz's TikTok profile is filled with videos of the couple and sweet videos of them with their children. Commenters have left comments under the video of their love story, saying they would go to the place where Luz met Juan to try and meet the love of their life.

Other commenters on the video mentioned that sometimes all you need is one person to give you a chance to reach your full potential, just as Luz had done with Juan. These commenters commended Luz for her compassion.


One person even took to the video's comment section to call Luz a queen and tell her that she was a fantastic person for giving Juan what he needed to become the man he knew he could be.

Others said Oxxo, where Luz and Juan met, was where you could find anything you needed, even a husband! Then there were those commenters who simply wished the couple love and happiness on their journey.



After so many years together, it is clear from the video that Luz and Juan are still very much in love and looking forward to the following years of their lives that they will spend raising their children and growing together.

While Juan used to live rough and wonder where his next meal might come from, he now has a happy family, a home, and even two jobs. Juan works as a bricklayer and fixes phones in his spare time.

Luz is a makeup artist who shares photos of the makeup she does on her Instagram. Her Instagram page is also filled with many pictures of her family and her husband, who she loves to show off.


The video shows the couple's journey right from the beginning, with photographs of Juan before and after his transformation and pictures of their life together since they got married in 2011. It is a heartwarming video that tugs on the heartstrings.

Questions to Ponder:

Love at first sight seems to be an almost-fairytale concept, but from Juan and Luz's story, it is clear that some couples are lucky enough to experience that kind of love in this lifetime.

Was it love at first sight when you met your significant other? Or did it take a while for you to warm up before you let them in?

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