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Man Proposes with $20,000 Engagement Ring – His Fiancée Doesn't Like It and Wants Another

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 19, 2022
04:00 A.M.

A man was excited about proposing to his girlfriend of five years. He was ready to take their love story to the next chapter, but things changed after she asked an unexpected question. It left him with a tough choice to make.


Love makes people do crazy things—from buying expensive gifts to making life-changing decisions to save the relationship. For many people, a true romance has no strings attached. But others have a list of expectations when choosing to tie the knot.

One man was shocked by his fiancée's reaction to the engagement ring he bought her. He asked netizens on Reddit for their advice, starting a massive online debate.

A large diamond ring. | Source: Flickr/Jonathan Khoo

A large diamond ring. | Source: Flickr/Jonathan Khoo


When a man got down on one knee in 2021, he was thrilled to take his relationship to the next level. His girlfriend was equally delighted and agreed to marry him, unleashing a flood of joy and excitement.


The man had no idea his fiancée would be upset after seeing the diamond certificate.

The couple had been dating for five years, and the husband-to-be spent considerable money on the engagement ring. He wanted it to be perfect for his fiancée and used the savings he had accumulated for a decade.

A man proposing to his partner. | Source: Pexels

A man proposing to his partner. | Source: Pexels


The money was initially intended to go towards vehicle modifications, but the man changed his mind when he fell in love. He wanted to make his soon-to-be wife's dreams come true.

He even asked the woman's family and friends for advice regarding her desired ring style, and they supported his choice. He believed the proposal went well and was happy that his fiancée was delighted. However, things changed shortly afterward. The fiancé explained:


"Last week was when the trouble started, as she asked me how much I had spent on her ring. I told her that I had spent about $20,000 on it that I had been squirrling away for the last 10 years."

A man places an engagement ring on a woman's finger. | Source: Flickr/Meredith McBride

A man places an engagement ring on a woman's finger. | Source: Flickr/Meredith McBride


His partner was initially "floored" that he spent so much money on the ring. However, she soon became skeptical and wary. He shared:

"[My fiancée] was initially floored that I had spent so much but later became suspicious that I had managed to get such a large stone (3.6 karats.) for the price."

The bride-to-be asked to see the diamond's certification. He thought his fiancée was concerned he was fooled into buying a fake stone. The man had no idea his fiancée would be upset after seeing the diamond certificate.

A diamond ring. | Source: Flickr

A diamond ring. | Source: Flickr


The man revealed that his wife-to-be was shocked that her diamond was lab-grown. She couldn't believe her stone wasn't "real," and her fiancé added: "She insists that she can tell the difference, and it is just not the same."

The man couldn't believe her reaction, mainly because he had been open about his disapproval of the natural diamond industry. He didn't want to purchase a possible "conflict stone," and he assumed she would understand his feelings.

He also noted that it was impossible to distinguish between lab-grown and naturally grown diamonds. The fiancé said:

"I have explaned to her multiple times my reasons for going lab-grown ... ultimately it is better value for the money and I wanted to get her the most beautiful ring possible."

A woman wearing an engagement ring. | Source: Flickr/Meredith McBride

A woman wearing an engagement ring. | Source: Flickr/Meredith McBride


The woman would not budge and asked her husband-to-be if they could exchange the diamond for a natural stone of the same monetary value. The fiancé was disappointed and refused because he spent months planning her ring.

He told her she could return the ring to him and end their relationship if she wanted to, adamant that he would not exchange the stone. The couple had a big fight, and the woman's friends tried encouraging the fiancé to change the ring.

A diamond ring. | Source: Flickr/Chrissy

A diamond ring. | Source: Flickr/Chrissy



The man asked netizens for advice and received his fair share of different opinions. One user called the fiancée a "gold digger" and insisted the man should end his relationship with her. Someone else agreed that she was ungrateful, and they shared:

"I can't understand why you'd want to be with someone who is willing to actually end a relationship over a diamond that was given to her out of love and a hope for a future together."

Another netizen said they hated the excessive demands and called it a "red flag." They added: "You might have to think about the sort of lifestyle she wants and what you can give."

An engaged couple. | Source: Flickr/Meredith McBride

An engaged couple. | Source: Flickr/Meredith McBride



Numerous commentators sided with the fiancée, stating that she had a right to her preferences. One user said: "Everyone else is hating on the girl, but I wouldn't want to wear a ring I don't love on my finger every day for the rest of my life." Another noted:

"The issue isn't natural versus lab-grown. The issue is that you didn't communicate and ask her what she wanted. You don't get to buy her your dream ring. You should buy her an equivalent of her dream ring."

Users highlighted that the fiancé did not discuss the issue with his partner and thus insisted he was also partially culpable. Many people suggested the man return the ring and choose something his partner would be happy with.

A large diamond ring. | Source: Flickr/Michael Gurski

A large diamond ring. | Source: Flickr/Michael Gurski



The man responded to a handful of the online comments and revealed that he had a return policy, so he could give the ring back without making a loss. He leaned toward this course of action, wanting to save his relationship.

The fiancé could have saved himself lots of time, effort, and emotional anguish if he followed a few simple guidelines. Anyone thinking about popping the question must always ensure they are on the same page as their partner.

It is crucial to determine if a loved one is also thinking about marriage and hoping to make the significant leap. Looking at their partner's current jewelry preferences could provide helpful insight.

What do you think about the woman's desire to exchange the ring, and do you think the man should give in to her wishes? Click here for another story about an engagement ring. One fiancée wasn't happy about her "little" ring.

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