Lady with Alzheimer’s Asks Mom of 4 to Swim with Her and Gives Her Powerful Parenting Advice

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 24, 2022
01:00 P.M.

Life's surprises caught a mother of four off guard, leading to an incredibly heartwarming and life-changing experience on the beach she will never forget.


Have you ever undergone something so astonishing that it stunned you to the core and left you at a severe loss for words? Life isn't merely composed of black and white; there are also grey regions that we might sometimes overlook.

Nobody knows the battles people fight within their souls' secret chambers; sometimes, even a simple hello or a small conversation with a stranger can make a significant difference in someone's life. The story we're sharing today revolves around a similar theme.



Katie Wood is a doting mother of four children and lives in Boston with her family. In addition to being a mom, she's also an author and has penned a book titled "A Simple Seed," a journal for kids to start their day right.

After the elderly lady was done sharing her story, Wood proceeded to ask her a question.

Every year, Wood looks forward to the summer season because it gives her a chance to unwind and spend quality time with her family. Since 2012, she has been taking her kids to Cornfield Point in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, to beat the heat.



However, the Boston resident said she had no idea that her trip to the beach in the summer of 2022 would change her outlook as a parent and leave a lasting impression on her mind and heart.

She recalled that nearly every summer, she noticed the same lady walking on the beach. Her name was Donna, and she had Alzheimer's. Although Wood, 40, said she had met her before, Donna had no memory of their meeting.

Surprisingly, Wood wasn't the only one who knew about Donna. She shared that other community members were also watchful of the elderly woman because she was a kind-hearted person.



In early July, Wood was on the beach watching her little ones play when Donna came up to her with a special request. She asked Wood if she would accompany her into the water. Wood admitted she was initially skeptical because she didn't feel like getting wet.

But the mother-of-four said a part of her told her to get in the water and fulfill the elderly lady's wish. Eventually, Wood and Donna held hands and walked into the ocean. But that wasn't all.

Throughout their time together, Donna narrated stories of her childhood and why she loved the water. According to Wood, Donna visited the beach to find solace. After the elderly lady was done sharing her story, Wood decided to ask her a question.



Drawing from her journey as a mother, Wood asked Donna for her "best parenting advice," not expecting to hear an answer that she would remember for the rest of her life. She recounted:

"[Donna] looked around at the kids and said, 'The best thing we can do as moms is to simply create memories'. It was so simple, but so powerful."

Wood, who was at the beach with her sister, Erin Connor, also a mother of four kids, expressed that her interaction with Donna was perfectly timed. The Boston-based woman shared that she and her sister often felt overwhelmed as a parent, and talking to Donna helped relieve their pressure.



Luckily, Wood's special moment with Donna was saved on the camera by her sister, Connor, and she later posted the heart-melting photo on social media. She captioned the post:

"When this adorable woman comes up to me at the beach and asks if I'd swim with her. You ignore the fact that the water is cold.⁣ You ignore that 'I don’t want to get wet' feeling.⁣ You ignore the jellyfish. ⁣And you go in."

In another post, Wood thanked Donna for reminding her that the best thing parents could do for their little ones was to simply focus on creating golden memories.

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