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'I'm Sorry That You're Going Through That': Missing Kiely Rodni's Boyfriend Talks about Their Last Conversation

Brittany Chalmers
Aug 18, 2022
05:05 P.M.

What started as a typical party with friends has turned into a missing person's case that has the world and police desperate for any leads.


Teenagers are resilient and intelligent but often find themselves in dangerous situations. Their desire for freedom and independence is expected, but sometimes they still need protection.

One boyfriend living in California began his own search while waiting for news about his missing girlfriend. He revealed the last text messages they exchanged before she stopped replying.



Kiely Rodni is a 16-year-old girl with a stunning smile, blonde hair, and brown eyes. Like many people her age, Rodni enjoyed spending time with her friends—little did anyone know this would lead to something unthinkable.

The teen attended a senior farewell party at the Prosser Family Campground in California with more than 100 other young adults. Someone saw her on the campgrounds for the last time on August 6, 2022.



When family and friends realized she was not responding to their messages, they filed a missing person's case, leading to a frantic country-wide search. Everyone wants to find Rodni, but it hasn't been easy.

Rodni-Nieman shared that her teenage daughter always replied to messages, so the silence was an immediate red flag. The mother started to worry and expected the worst.

What added to the concern was Rodni's missing Honda CRV. The silver vehicle was not located, and thus police handled the case as a potential abduction.



Rodni's boyfriend, Jagger Westfall, shared some insider details with the media and revealed that he had been texting with his girlfriend while she was at the party. A few hours before she went missing, he said he told her to "be safe."

Her final message to him included words of comfort. He had told his girlfriend about some of his struggles, and she was said to have replied: "Oh, I'm sorry that you're going through that." Per Westfall, that was the last communication between them.

Jagger Westfall. | Source: Youtube.com/FOX40 News

Jagger Westfall. | Source: Youtube.com/FOX40 News


Amid the nerve-wracking wait for news about Rodni, Westfall remained positive. He drove to various spots he frequented with his girlfriend whenever they wanted "alone time," hoping to find her or any possible leads. He also shared:


"I don't know where she is. We don't have anything to go off of at this point. But, I fully believe that she's alive and well. And I fully believe that [we] are gonna bring her home safe."


Rodni's mother, Lindsey Rodni-Nieman, shared a heartbreaking plea in which she expressed her desperate desire to be reunited with her child. The mother also noted that she would do anything to hug her daughter again.


The last messages between Rodni-Nieman and her beloved child were also disclosed. The mother said Rodni had indicated she planned to leave the party in 45 minutes and added she would be coming straight home. The mother said:

"I told her to be safe and [that] I loved her. And she said, 'OK, mom, I love you, too.'"



Shockingly, Rodni never made it home as she had intended to. When the mother woke up the next day, she tried reaching her daughter via phone calls and text messages. Her efforts were unsuccessful, and the distraught mom expressed:

"That's when I knew something was wrong."

Rodni-Nieman shared that her teenage daughter always replied to messages, so the silence was an immediate red flag. The mother started to worry and expected the worst.



Thankfully, authorities have been working overtime to find Rodni. They committed an incredible amount of workforce and effort to the case. Capt. Sam Brown said:

"We’ve pulled in a ton of resources towards that goal, and I think to date, we’ve [put] over like 9,000 man hours into searching, which is astronomical."


Capt. Brown added that Rodni's phone pinged for the last time near the campground in a region close to water. However, it wasn't a concrete clue. Brown shared:


"There [are] lots of reasons why those notifications or data points could be lost."

Dive teams, helicopters, intensive search units, and ordinary citizens joined the search. The goal is to find Rodni alive and well, and police are asked that anyone with information come forward.

Police shared details of the last outfit Rodni was seen in, a pink and white sweatshirt, and hoped someone knew something. By August 16, 2022—ten days after Rodni went missing—police still had no idea of her whereabouts.

Her family and the rest of the world pray and believe for her safe return home. Our thoughts and best wishes also go to her loved ones in this challenging time. May she be found soon!

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