Michigan Mom of 5 Is Killed at Bus Stop a Day before Moving into Their New Home

Ayesha Muhammad
Sep 01, 2022
10:40 A.M.

Tragedy almost always comes uninvited, changing people's lives and turning their worlds upside down. Nobody knows which moment will be their last, and something similar happened to a mother of five kids when she met with an unfortunate incident while waiting for a ride.


Stevie Wonder once said, "Time is long, but life is short." Life is a precious gift and an extraordinary journey that should never be taken for granted. Sadly, it comes with a one-way ticket and is marked with joys, sorrows, surprises, and uncertainty.

Even though our days on planet earth are numbered, we can still make the most of them by living to the fullest. Still, bringing oneself to say goodbye to a loved one and that too, most unexpectedly and painfully, can be nerve-wracking. Keep reading to discover how an unspeakable tragedy turned a family's world upside down.


Loved by All

Lari Brisco was a loving mother to five children who were the center of her universe. She worked as a medical assistant at Oak Park Practice, Detroit, Michigan, and was loved and valued by her boss and colleagues.

John Palik said he was walking his dog Sunday morning when he saw the suspect shooting at random passersby on the street.

A Hardworking Employee

Anyone who came to the medical center was greeted warmly by Brisco and asked about their day. Her boss, Dr. Kathleen Dass MD, shared that Brisco made everyone feel special and often showed up early to work to decorate for birthdays.


Brisco, 43, was said to have taken Monday, August 29, 2022, off, so she could move into a new house close to her office. On the morning of Sunday, August 28, the mom-of-five was waiting for a ride at the bus stop before seven on Livernois when something terrible happened.

When Tragedy Struck

The Michigan receptionist was tragically killed in what the police called a "random shooting spree" before she could catch the bus. Police believed that the suspect approached random people on the street in at least four locations, out of which only one survived.


Sadly, Brisco was one of the three victims who lost their lives. The tragic news devastated everyone who knew her, including Dr. Dass, who never expected to lose her valued employee so unexpectedly.

A Loving Mother

Dr. Dass described Brisco as someone who was always full of love, light, and joy and said that anyone who knew her would be impacted by her loss. She further added:

"[Her kids] were her motivation for doing everything in life."


Friends and family mourning her loss shared that she was a devoted mother who always prioritized her children. La Shawn Bonney said she met Brisco at Motor City Casino years ago when they worked as restaurant servers.

A Fond Memory

Per Bonney, Brisco was a beautiful and hardworking person who would do anything for her children's sake. The woman said she still had the last text conversation she had with Brisco and would keep it saved forever. Bonney expressed:


"It will be my last memory of her."

Broken beyond Repair

According to the police, the 19-year-old suspect was later taken into custody, and his weapon was also confiscated. The two other victims included a Jane Doe, believed to be in her 40s, and a 28-year-old man, identified as Chayne Lee. His mom, Myha Lee, stated:

"He had a son who will never see him again and doesn't understand why he's gone."


There's Strength in Numbers

The neighbors in Pennington reportedly fought back when the gunman tried to kill a fourth person, described by the Detroit Police as an elderly man in his late 70s. John Palik said he was walking his dog Sunday morning when he saw the suspect shooting at random passersby on the street.

Initially, the assailant shot his dog, after which Palik, a former military officer, was hit. When neighbors came out, the shooter was said to have fled the scene.


The older man said that a community member used a belt as a tourniquet to stop his bleeding. He added:

"I got to say this, the people on Pennington, if anyone deserves a medal of honor, they all came out. It was fantastic (sic)."

Indeed, what the innocent people experienced on the morning of August 28 was barbaric and gut-wrenching, and we wouldn't wish such a tragedy on anybody.

Our deepest sympathies go out to all the victims' families, including Brisco. May God grant them eternal peace.

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