Jean Smart | Source: Getty Images
Jean Smart | Source: Getty Images

Jean Smart Looks 'Breathtakingly Gorgeous' at 71, Declined Plastic Surgery & Tries 'to Be Classy' Thanks to Mom

Vanessa Seifert
Dec 25, 2022
11:00 A.M.

Jean Smart is a famous actress and comedian who has been on our screens since the 80s. Now she's 71 years old and still getting the biggest roles in Hollywood. Fans love her confidence and pride the actress for aging well, even though she's not concerned about aging and what people say about her appearance.


Jean Smart is one of the funniest and most celebrated actresses in Hollywood. She started her career in the 80s in theatre and went on to Broadway.

She became a prominent actress in the '80s, '90s, and well into the 200's. Some of her famous roles were in the hit series, "Designing Women," and her role as a dysfunctional mother in "Samantha, Who?". One of her favorite roles was in the sitcom "Fraiser."

Jean Smart in Los Angeles 2019. | Source: Getty Images

Jean Smart in Los Angeles 2019. | Source: Getty Images

She went on to win two consecutive Emmy Awards in 2000 and 2001, but Smart has not slowed down. As a woman growing old in Hollywood, she keeps getting more and more roles.

Her latest lead role is in "Hacks," a comedy-drama where Smart plays Deborah Vance, a stand-up comedian, which has also won her an Emmy Award.


From the outside, it seemed as if Smart was busier than ever, but the actress admitted that she went through a few dry phases where she was not getting many roles.

Jean Smart in New York in 2019. | Source: Getty Images

Jean Smart in New York in 2019. | Source: Getty Images

Around the twenty-tens, after winning a Critics Choice Award, Smart said she went through a weird spell in her career. The interviewer asked her if she believed the lack of jobs came from her extensive portfolio of being part of a prestigious drama-comedy like "Fargo."

But the actress said she thought it had much to do with how she looked in the show. She had short brunette hair, which people thought was a wig, but Smart confirmed it was her real hair. She cut it, dyed it brunette, and got a perm for the role.


What the actress was referring to was that she portrayed an older character and claimed that directors did not know what to do with someone her age.


So, this led to the question of how Smart felt about vanity; she said she's never really been concerned about her looks but admitted that she was in denial of her age, especially now that she's getting older.

Smart joked that sometimes she would see herself and TV and not recognize herself, but one thing she's never doubted was her ability to bring a character to life.

To prove that there's no stopping Smart, she was hired on two shows from the same network; the shows are complete opposites; however, she appreciates that she's still fortunate enough to have this many jobs and prides herself in her versatility.


It might not be easy to maintain two different characters simultaneously, but Smart feels that it is her job as an actress to deliver that kind of versatility to the viewers.

However, Smart admits that the entertainment industry is not particularly kind to women above 40. She said it is not easy to get movie roles unless one is ridiculously attractive, funny, or as iconic as Meryl Streep.


On the contrary, the reality is very different for men; despite getting older, Smart said they can still get good supporting roles and are more prone to longevity in the industry.

Smart also revealed that the lack of representation of older women in cinema is so blatant that it's unspoken of because some network executives decide early on not to hire women above 40.


Hollywood is seen as an industry that shamelessly celebrates youth; statistics even showed that from 2007 to 2017, only 24,7% of women featured in films were over 40. Actresses like Jane Fonda have also come forward about their experiences in the industry as they have gotten older.

For instance, the loved movie "The Book Club," which follows the story of a group of lifelong friends that connected over reading "Fifty Shades of Grey," was almost not greenlit because producers wanted to have younger actors.


However, Smart is now 71 years old, and fans could not be more in love with her beautiful looks. Many people took to Twitter to express how gorgeous the actress looked and how well she had aged.

Her Emmy picture also made a lot of rounds, with fans saying Smart looked beautiful and regal. They also expressed she was a well-deserved winner.

Jean Smart Gets Honest About Plastic surgery.

Smart has been lucky enough to choose roles that gained her more and more recognition, and when asked how she could constantly select the perfect role, she credited her mother.


The comedian said she once joked that she would never do a nude scene for as long as her parents were alive, but they lived so long that she never got cast to do one, so that is her theory on her she's remained relevant.

Going back to the issue of age, Smart did not hold back on some of the cosmetic procedures she tried out. The actress said she tried botox, but she loves to move her face, so it did not work for her.

She tried fillers, which were a complete fail; next on her list is to get her eyes done, but Smart said she is terrified of the procedure. But generally, the actress is not a big fan of plastic surgery; she just loves to joke about it.


But smart is confident in herself as a 71-year-old woman who's busier than ever. She does not care what people say about her looks; whether it's something good or bad, she is content with herself.

Smart does not have a Twitter account, which is not always expected for comedians, but she's kept her fans tuned in through her incredible work on television.

Jean Smart is Busy but Loves Being a Mother

When Smart was filming "Mare of Easttown" in Philadelphia, she would travel every few days to spend time with her 13-year-old adopted son. The actress also has a 32-year-old son.


But one of the reasons the actress was attracted to "Hacks" was that she did not have to travel, so she was thrilled to be able to make her son lunches.

She said she is just a mother who is always home, although she is grateful to be still getting roles and tapping into writing screenplays.

Smart is also thankful to be still working, but she hopes that being a working mother inspires her children instead of damaging them.

The mother of two even takes her son to some of her award shows. She showed up to the Emmy awards with her 13-year-old son, and they looked dapper.

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