Tati Gabrielle Hobson | Traci Hewitt Hobson and Tati Gabrielle Hobson | Source:  instagram.com/tatigabrielle | Getty Images
Tati Gabrielle Hobson | Traci Hewitt Hobson and Tati Gabrielle Hobson | Source: instagram.com/tatigabrielle | Getty Images

Tati Gabrielle's Parents Steered Her Towards a Career in the Film Industry

Milla Sigaba
Feb 14, 2023
12:15 A.M.

Tati Gabrielle's parents, Traci Hewitt Hobson and Terry Hobson, shaped their daughter's successful career in acting. Her father passed down his love for film, and her mother was the force behind Tati Gabrielle's first acting audition.


When Tati was younger, she had dreams of becoming an animator. However, her mother saw something in her that Tati did not see yet— a promising film career. Traci proved correct, as her daughter has landed roles in hit shows like "You" and "The 100."

Tati's father, who had dreams of becoming a filmmaker— and once worked with a famous actor— introduced her to the likes of Spike Lee and the world of film.


Tati Gabrielle Was a Daddy's Girl

Traci and Terry welcomed Tati on January 25, 1996, and raised her in a mixed-heritage home she grew to be proud of. Her mother is Korean but was adopted by an African American family.

However, that did not stop Traci from learning about her roots and passing them on to her children. Tati's African American father went to university in New York City and shares a close relationship with his daughter. A self-proclaimed daddy's girl, Tati said:

"I was not close with my mom in my teenage years. I was a bit of a brat."


Tati Gabrielle's Mother Was the First to Notice Her Daughter's Talent

Tati was a little girl when her mother realized she might have a knack for acting. The "You" actress shared that she had a habit of boldly people-watching whenever she was out and about with her mother.

Once Traci spotted her daughter's potential, she encouraged her to audition for theater and humorously noted that Tati would be good at it as she was such a drama queen. But Tati had aspirations of becoming an animator.

However, fate intervened as when the day for auditions came at Tati's performing arts middle school, she forgot her sketchbook and tried her hand at theatre.


Although Traci and her daughter did not share a close relationship when she was growing up, Traci instilled a strong sense of pride in Tati and her two siblings about their Korean background. Her daughter said:

"My mom was not able to give us Korean-specific culture and language herself, but she strongly urged us to seek and explore more of our Korean heritage throughout our lives. And that's exactly what we did."

Tati began learning to read and write in Korean after meeting her first Korean friend in the sixth grade and recalled wearing her mother's hanbok to a global parade at her school. "I walked that parade beaming with pride," Tati said.


Traci watched Korean dramas at home and exposed her children to K-pop daily to reconnect with her Asian identity. Her daughter has since learned the language and has plans to become fluent.

Although Traci had Facebook, she did not have an active social media presence at the time of writing. She did not share any pictures or information about her personal life online.

Tati Gabrielle's Father Worked with Wesley Snipes

Terry furthered his education at Kent State University in New York after graduating from Shaw High school. Spike Lee heavily influenced him, and his daughter revealed she was speechless the first time she met the actor. Tati said


"My dad wanted to be a filmmaker, and he's where I got my film bug from. So, Spike Lee was a big idol or role model for him when he was coming up. When I met Spike Lee, it was this generational aspiration that he had done for my family."

After landing a job as Wesley Snipes' assistant, Terry found his way to the film and entertainment industry with his production company, DRESH 8 Entertainment LLC.

The production company produces films, television shows, music, and other programming. According to Terry's relationship status on Facebook, he and Traci went their separate ways as he has described himself as a single man.

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