Mike Singletary | Matthew, Jill, John, Brooke, Kirsten, Becky, and Jackie Singletary | Source: Getty Images | Instagram/kimsingletary9
Mike Singletary | Matthew, Jill, John, Brooke, Kirsten, Becky, and Jackie Singletary | Source: Getty Images | Instagram/kimsingletary9

Mike Singletary’s Children: Facts about His 5 Daughters & 2 Sons

Bettina Dizon
Sep 08, 2023
08:30 P.M.

Mike Singletary is a proud father to seven children, whom he prioritized over his career as a football coach. His kids are now grown up, leading their own families. However, none of them followed his footsteps in the industry.


Mike Singletary built his career in the sports industry, known as an American professional football coach. However, at home, he is a loving husband and father to seven children, whom he shares with Kim Singletary.

The couple met as students at Baylor University and have since been through life side by side. Among their best adventures is being parents to their children. Mike Singletary, the youngest of ten kids, hoped also to have ten children. However, he wouldn't trade his seven kids for anything else.


Mike Singletary's Children Are All Grown Up

Mike is a proud dad to John, Becky, Brooke, Jackie, Jill, Matthew, and Kristen. Before welcoming all his children, he asked five veteran coaches how they balanced the crucial roles in their lives, and unfortunately, none of them did, as they had always put coaching before anything else.

However, Mike was determined to be the best dad and husband, so he put his career on hold to focus on his family. When he retired in 1992, he dedicated his time to raising his children to be wonderful people. "He wanted you to do everything with all your heart," Kristen said of her dad.

Meanwhile, his wife praised him for doing everything to the best of his abilities. "He played hard, he studied hard, and he loves hard," she said. Undoubtedly, he set the bar high for his children and the men who would enter his daughters' lives, as Kristen confirmed.


Kristen Singletary

Born on June 15, 1986, Kristen is Mike and Kim's first child. Although she maintains a private life and a personal Instagram account exclusive to friends and family, some details about her are known to the public.

According to her social media, she is an avid football fan, loves Christmas music, drinking Dr. Pepper, and having a good ranch dressing. She works in public relations for the Changing Our Perspective organization, which helps bridge the gap for everyone in education, health, and mental wellness.

The organization's mission is to provide resources and tools that empower individuals and their communities for a healthier future. Her father is the president and founder, while her mother works as the Vice President.


Matthew Singletary

Born on February 23, 1988, Matthew chose a career in the entertainment industry as an actor. He is known for his appearances on "Chicago P.D.," "How to Be a Vampire," "Hood," and "The Stain." He also appeared in "The Big Day," "Emerson Heights," and "Roommates."

Before pursuing a professional acting career, he was a Valley Christian High School, Cal Poly, and Baylor football player. While he did not continue his athletic career, he is happy with his life alongside his wife, Hayley Singletary.

"Dad and I are so proud of you and love having a front-row seat to see your incredible talent shine so bright!! It has been such a joy to have you work with Dad for a peek into just how gifted you are," his mom once wrote on Instagram to celebrate his 32nd birthday.


Jill Singletary

Born on February 6, 1990, Jill also became an athlete and actively participated in sports while schooling at Valley Christian High School in San Jose. She was a member of the track, volleyball, and basketball teams and was the basketball team captain for two years.

Nowadays, she is enjoying life as a wife to retired NFL star Oshimogho Atogwe and as a mother to their two children, Oshilema and Keogena. Jill cares for her family in Dallas, near her parents and siblings. When not busy with motherhood, she is busy with her career as an artist and lifestyle blogger.


Jackie Singletary

Born on January 10, 1993, Jackie is a mom to three beautiful daughters and a podcast host. She is also a social media influencer with nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram alone. For her birthday in 2020, her mother described her on Instagram, writing:

"She has done the heart work, is the glue that holds the siblings together, is married with a daughter now and I'm just so proud of her. To have a front row seat to how hard she worked to be as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside has been one of my great joys as a mother."

Jackie often touches on difficult-to-talk-about topics, such as finances, sex, conflict, and relationships. She hopes her words and thoughts will help women realize they aren't alone in facing problems, such as parenting difficulties and body issues.


Brooke Singletary

Brooke was born on May 18, 1994, and is 16 months younger than her sister. However, despite the narrow age gap, Kim's mom believes she and all her siblings are God's blessings.

In her early 20s, Brooke became a mom to her son, Roman, whom she shares with her entrepreneur husband, Matthew McReynolds. The couple went through trying times as they lost their first daughter. Brooke said:

"To this day, it all still feels like a dream, or rather a nightmare. I carried her in my belly for 37 weeks, and she will always have a special place in my heart. I can truly say that I have never been the same since that day."


She has since welcomed two other kids and is raising her family in Dallas while often sharing her life on social media. Per her Instagram page, Brooke is interested in clean eating, fashion, homemaking, and being the best mom.

She also maintains a blog, Someday Daughter, which she likened to a modern-day village for women. In her blog, she shares notes on her thoughts and hobbies, hoping it can help other women.


Becky Singletary

Born on January 10, 1996, Becky is a fun, adventurous, and sweet woman. She tied the knot in her early 20s and became a mom to an adorable boy, Hunk. Becky shares much of her life on Instagram, including her journey as a mother.

Like her siblings, she graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Sociology. She later became a field administrator in RQ Construction before becoming a recruiter at HealthTrust Workforce Solutions.


John Singletary

Born on February 17, 1998, John is Mike and Kim's youngest child. According to his mom, John grew up with five older sisters who tried to boss him around. As a result, he listened to none.

She described him as a "fiercely independent, very principled" man who "carries a heavy heart for society's most vulnerable." John graduated from Baylor University in August 2020.


However, little is known about his personal life as he does not share his life on social media. Even though he prefers to remain private, his mother sometimes posts a glimpse into his personality on her Instagram account.

Mike undoubtedly raised a wonderful family. Like him, other football coaches, including Jalen Hurt's father, Aversion Hurts Sr., and Tammy Reid, were successful in fatherhood.

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