Mina Kimes | Nick Sylvester | Source: Getty Images | Instagram/nickgodmode
Mina Kimes | Nick Sylvester | Source: Getty Images | Instagram/nickgodmode

Mina Kimes’ Husband Nick Sylvester Is Rarely Seen with Her & Focuses on His Career

Milla Sigaba
Sep 12, 2023
07:15 P.M.

Mina Kimes and her husband, Nick Sylvester, have celebrated nearly a decade of marriage and have chosen to keep their relationship away from the spotlight. While she is commonly known for her work as a sports journalist, Nick Sylvester has made a name for himself as a music producer.


Mina Kimes has become a recognizable face for her journalism in the sports world but has managed to keep her personal life — including her marriage to music producer Nick Sylvester — away from prying eyes.

However, in a rare Instagram post that gave fans a look at her life away from the camera, the journalist revealed the couple is about to become a family of three.


Mina Kimes' Husband Started His Record Label

At the time of writing, Sylvester had over 4,000 followers on Instagram, where he regularly documented his musical career. In September 2022, Kimes' husband shared a photo dump of his life in the music industry in Los Angeles, and the following month, Sylvester captured his week making music in New York with artists he admired.

Earlier this year, Kimes' husband took to Instagram again to reveal that he had turned a new leaf in his career and started a record label and production company. Sylvester shared:

"Last year i left godmode to start a new music company called smartdumb. 'smartdumb' is music that starts with a question mark and ends with an exclamation point. i am interested in music that makes you say 'what?' then 'wow (sic).'"

More recently, the producer shared pictures of himself with company and revealed that he was back in Los Angeles. In the caption, Sylvester added that he was starting a new chapter of his life filled with new music and friends, a new studio, and a "new wake-up time."


Nick Sylvester's Rare Appearances on His Wife's Social Media

Sylvester has been scarce on his wife's social media in recent years. However, a few years ago, the music producer often appeared on Kimes' Instagram. In July 2017, Sylvester's wife took to the social media platform to celebrate his birthday, and the following year, she shared a picture of him in a recording studio in Los Angeles.

In September 2018, the journalist posted a cute snap of her and her husband at the Roosevelt Hotel before sharing a photo of Sylvester wearing a smile as he photographed a dog. In July 2019, Kimes celebrated her husband's birthday again with a sweet post of him cuddling a dog.


Mina Kimes Announced That She and Her Husband Are Expecting Their First Child

In October 2015, Kimes shared a glimpse of her and Sylvester's wedding day, followed by a picture of them with their dog. The couple has since celebrated nearly eight years of marriage. During an interview, Kimes revealed that one of the ways she and Sylvester spend time together is by eating Thai food and watching "Silicon Valley."

However, on July 13, Sylverster's wife joked they would be "adding someone to the roster for the 2023 season" as they were expecting their first child, joining other pregnant celebrities this year like Ciara and Kourtney Kardashian.

The music producer and wife's pregnancy announcement came a few months before it was revealed that she signed a "massive" new deal with ESPN following her time as a free agent.

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