Patrick Duffy | Source: Getty Images
Patrick Duffy | Source: Getty Images

'Did They Marry?': Patrick Duffy, 75, & Linda Purl, 68, Spark Buzz with New Instagram Photo

Naomi Wanjala
Jun 18, 2024
08:45 A.M.

Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl are making real-life headlines with a love story sweeter than any script. But did a secret "I do" happen under the California sun? It's a question many are asking after a recent Instagram post.


Linda Purl and Patrick Duffy's relationship are deeply in love and aren't shy about showing it off. A recent Instagram post by Purl caused a stir among fans, leading many to speculate if the couple had secretly tied the knot.

Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl pose during a photocall for the Golden Nymph Awards ceremony of the 62nd Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco on June 20, 2023 | Source: Getty Images

Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl pose during a photocall for the Golden Nymph Awards ceremony of the 62nd Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco on June 20, 2023 | Source: Getty Images

The adorable selfie captures them wearing glasses and face masks. It shows Duffy in a maroon and white checked shirt with Purl leaning affectionately against his shoulder.

Alongside the photo, Purl cryptically captioned it, "Early out... on the road again 😵‍💫😬," leaving fans intrigued. The post drew affectionate comments from fans. Some praised them as a beloved couple. Others openly wondered if they were already married.


One fan expressed surprise, saying, "Had no idea you two were married. Two of my favorites!" Another follower responded, "I don't think they are married," to which the first fan replied optimistically, "Well, they look very happy and should be!"


Among the comments, one curious Instagram user asked outright, "Did they get married?" Another follower, seemingly aware of the couple's status, confirmed, "They aren't married yet but here's hoping! [sic]" The post sparked excitement and showcased the enduring love and admiration Duffy and Purl have garnered from their fans.


In June 2023, Duffy set social media ablaze with a heartfelt post that not only thrilled fans but also hinted at a major milestone in his relationship with Purl. The charming snapshot featured an impeccable-looking duo.

Duffy looked dapper in a sleek black suit. He complimented the look with a white shirt and a stylish black bow tie exuding sophistication. Meanwhile, Purl radiated in an elegant orange ensemble. Her hair cascaded in waves and she accessorized her look with a delicate cream necklace.


What really caught everyone's eye, however, were the subtle yet significant details. Both Duffy and Purl proudly displayed their hands, adorned with rings that sparked a flurry of speculation among their followers.

Duffy's clever caption, giving thanks for the dazzling jewelry by Charlie Lapson, further fueled the rumors. "Thanks for the bling @charlielapson!" he wrote, prompting a flood of comments from eager fans.


One particularly curious follower dared to ask, "Married?? Congrats!!" while another admirer emphasized, "Marry or not marry? Whatever, they’re so in love and that’s all that counts. ❤️" Amid the excitement, an optimistic supporter chimed in, "You better of got married, been waiting for this since you both got together! [sic]"

Duffy and Purl have captivated social media fans with their enchanting bond, leaving admirers swooning over their every post. In May, Purl shared a photo that melted hearts across the internet, capturing a moment from their romantic getaway.


The image featured the "Happy Days" star in a striking purple and sky-blue bikini, standing on a rock with arms raised, basking in the serene ocean vista. Fans couldn't help but shower praise, particularly noticing Purl's stunning legs. One enthusiast complimented, "Great legs, especially for your age ❣️❣️," while another simply declared, "Great legs, period."

Their journey from longtime friends to romantic partners began during the pandemic. A period of quarantine that unexpectedly deepened their connection.


Duffy reflected on their compatibility, noting, "Our lifestyles make us very compatible in almost every conceivable way. In the kitchen, the way we cook, the way we clean, the way we function together as individuals."

Cooking has been a cornerstone of their relationship, symbolizing their shared passions. Duffy revealed that their early dates included cooking dinners together. Beyond romance, they've ventured into business together. They launched Duffy's Dough, a food business that reflects their mutual interests and support for each other's endeavors.


For Duffy, finding love again after losing his wife of 43 years to cancer in 2017 was unexpected until he found Purl. Since then, their bond has been inseparable.

The actor poignantly expressed, they've never spent a moment apart since embarking on this journey together. Their story continues to inspire, proving that love can bloom unexpectedly and beautifully, even after great loss.

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