Fighting Parkinson's, Michael J Fox should have been disabled by now according to his doctors (Video)

Ksenia Novikova
Apr 04, 2018
09:19 A.M.
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The actor has been fighting the disorder for almost three decades, and despite there being no cure, is living a far fuller life with the condition than anyone thought was possible.


Watch this video to know more about Michael J. Fox life.

Michael J. Fox was busy filming Doc Hollywood in 1991 when doctors dropped a bombshell on him: he was suffering with Parkinson's disease. At the time, doctors told him he would only be able to continue working for another decade.


As reported Today, Fox hid the disease from the world for seven years, and piled on as much acting work as he possibly could, worried that at any moment he wouldn't be able to work anymore.

But despite a terrible prognosis, the actor is very much still active, and still enjoying his career, despite the tremors he experiences.

"I was only supposed to work for another 10 years. I was supposed to be pretty much disabled by now. I’m far from it. This is as bad as I get, and I can still go to the store and go marketing,” he said.


Eventually, Fox realized he could no longer live in denial, and he instead set up The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease. The organization is a non-profit, and conducts research for the sole purpose of finding an eventual cure.

Since then, he enjoyed a number of acting roles, including a recurring role on The Good Wife, for which he earned three Emmy nominations.

When Fox was first diagnosed with the disease, he and wife Tracy Pollan had just one child together: a son. Since then, they have had another three children, all daughters, including a set of twins.

“They grew up with this. It’s all they know, and I think if you asked them to describe me, the ninth thing they would say would be that I had Parkinson’s,” Fox explained.