Melania's Christmas list turned out to be not that easy to accomplish for Donald Trump

Nov 30, 2018
12:45 A.M.
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The First Lady’s Christmas wish list seems hard to accomplish for her husband.


Given President Donald Trump’s previous actions and controversies, Melania Trump’s wish list for the holidays may be a little hard for him to fulfill for they contained global goals, as revealed by The Daily Beast.

While visiting the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. on December 7, 2017, a little girl asked the First Lady what she wanted to get for Christmas.

Melania visited the facility to bring joy to the kids this Christmas season. She spent some time reading The Polar Express to the children and went on to answer a few questions.


A White House correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers named Anita Kumar shared that a girl named Sammy asked Melania what she wanted to get for the holidays.

While she was expected to answer material things, they were surprised to hear that Melania mentioned her global goals, according to Huffington Post.

The site suggested that despite the thought that her dreams are hard to fulfill given the short span of time, President Trump, himself, makes it hard for those dreams to be turned into reality because of all the controversies he has been involved with.


Melania first mentioned she wants “peace on the world” which is a bit problematic. President Trump previously exclaimed to the United Nations that he will start a war against North Korea is Kim Jong Un, the country’s leader, would ever decide to threaten America.

Moreover, President Trump also proposed the border wall that will likely result in the weakening of the States’ healthy and peaceful rapport with Mexico.

Melania also included health in her wish list. In the past, President Trump has been adamant about tarnishing former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. This proposal could lead to more expensive health care coverages as well as uncertainties in insurance markets.


On top of that, Melania also wished for love. Recently, the people of America, especially the women, mixed-races, and the LGBTQ community, haven’t been feeling the love from the current administration policies imposed by the President.

The last thing on the First Lady’s wish list is kindness. As pointed out by Huffington Post, there is a one to ten ratio of every time Trump speaks about anti-bullying and her husband doing the bullying on social media.