Another woman gave my husband the child I craved

Manuela Cardiga
May 15, 2018
05:00 P.M.

Dear AmoMama,


I have been married for 45 years and I love my husband very much, and I know he loves me. Unfortunately, we never had any children, and the doctors discovered that I was infertile. At that time there was little that could be done, and so we made our peace with our childless state.

A few days ago, a man knocked on our door asking for my husband and identified himself as his son. He is in his late 40’s and he said that his mother and my husband were childhood sweethearts.

My husband was away on a trip to Seattle to visit his brother, so I told the man I’d speak to him, and contact him later.

I know this man was conceived before I met my husband, but I am consumed by blind jealousy and rage. Some other woman has given my beloved husband the thing he most desired: a child. This man has four children, which means my husband is a grandfather.

I will be outside this family, while my husband will have all these people to love in his life. I have only him, and I am afraid I will lose him.

Please help me. I need to cope with this anger. I don’t want to lose my husband. How can I survive this?

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