Injured pregnant actress breaks her silence after losing 4-year-old daughter, struck by car

The actress lost her daughter in a tragic accident recently. It was also reported at the time that she was in ICU fighting for her life as well.

According to Faith Family America, Ruthie Ann Miles is now out of ICU and recovering well after the March 5, 2018, accident. She and her family are now dealing with the loss of her child.

On Monday, the Tony Award-winning Broadway actress, Ruthie Ann Miles, experienced a great loss. Miles walking with her daughter, Abigail, 4, a friend, Lauren Lew, and her friend’s son, Josh, 1, when they were involved in an accident.

The group was involved in the incident after walking from a church event that they had attended together. They were also crossing the street with a fifth person who was also struck by the car as well.

Miles’ daughter, Abigail, and little Josh were both killed. Josh was in a pushchair when the car struck and dragged it over 100 feet through the intersection.

Witnesses revealed that the scene was absolute chaos. Miles, who is pregnant with her second child, was severely injured.

‘Please continue to pray for the Lew and the Blumenstein [Ruthie’s non-stage name] families as we process the unthinkable and lay our grief in the loving arms of Jesus. Joshua and Abigail are now resting in Heavenly peace and Joy.’

Ruthie Ann Miles’ family, Faith Family America, March 9, 2018

A witness recalled seeing her trying to reach for her daughter but she was unable to keep her head up. Miles was rushed to the ICU to fight for her life.

But now, it has been confirmed that she is out of the ICU and is making a recovery.

Surprisingly, her pregnancy was completely unharmed. Lew and the fifth victim were both expected to make a full recovery as well.

On Thursday, March 8, 2018, the family of Miles posted on her Twitter account to give an update on the star’s health.

The statement read, ‘Thank you for your prayers over our families and holding us in our pain.  We are extremely grateful for your kindness and generosity.’

Currently, the woman who struck the families with her car has not been charged. Investigators were said to be sorting through medical records, blood work, cell logs, and more.

USA Today reported that the woman who struck the families was suffering from multiple sclerosis. It was stated that she had a seizure while at the red light which caused her to lose control of her car.

That is when she ran the red light and hit the families.

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