Autistic son showed no improvement during therapy. Hidden camera captures the disturbing reason

Most parents would do anything to see their children thrive and succeed, and the efforts to see them do it become bigger when they're disabled.

This is the case with 3-year-old Caeden Lowe, who suffers from serious autism, and cannot communicate with his parents.

Due to his severe condition, the boy was enrolled in ongoing therapy sessions through Autism Intervention Milwaukee.

According to The San Francisco Globe, after showing no improvement, his family installed a hidden camera to see what happened during these sessions.

The hidden camera caught 27-year-old therapist Stephen T. Jacobs physically and mentally abusing the child, which prompted child abuse charges.

In the video, Jacobs can be seen elbowing the boy in the head, hitting him with pillows and head-butting him during one session.

Although Jacobs had to undergo several background checks and training before being hired by Autism Intervention Milwaukee, they couldn't find anything suspicious.

When the police discovered that Jacobs also worked with another autism group and volunteers at a local elementary school, alarms were immediately raised.

Autism Society of Wisconsin executive director Emily Levine, claims she always refers families to Autism Intervention Milwaukee and never experienced any issues with them.

She also said that families should 'trust their instincts and do their own research' when choosing an organization to work with their children.

Although Jacobs told police he was studying for college exams and had didn't remember abusing Caeden, they're investigating to see if there are other potential victims.

Autism Intervention Milwaukee already fired Jacobs and had to re-evaluate all their therapists while contacting parents for any other abuse allegations in a big investigation.

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