Mom visits child's grave asking for a sign. Then a sign appears

Although losing a child must be a heartbreaking experience, every single person will end up moving on with their lives while finding solace in everyday details.

This seems to be the case with this mourning mother from England, who claims that a tiny bird offered her comfort on the anniversary of her son’s death.

According to Inside Edition, Marie Robinson posted a video on Facebook of a robin landing on top of her son Jack’s gravestone.

The grieving mother, who lost her 4-year-old son Jack in 2014, visited the cemetery on April 01, 2017, Jack's death anniversary.

Soon after she arrived, a beautiful robin appeared, started flying around and landed directly on her, in what seemed to be an effort to comfort her.

The loving mother asked for her little boy to “show Mommy a sign," right when she arrived at his burial site, and her sign came quicker than she thought.

First, the little bird landed on her son's gravestone and she decided she wanted to film it. Immediately, the bird flew directly to her.

The Robin wasn’t afraid and decided to land on Robinson’s foot, but it wasn't too long until the bird decided to land on her fingertips.

'It brought me to tears. Taking it as a sign from Jack,' she wrote on Facebook.

In the video, Marie called the Robin closer and her voice started shaking obviously filled with emotion. She even talked to it.

“You’re beautiful, you’re so sweet. You’ve been looking after him," she said.

The heartwarming video quickly became viral after she posted it, reaching more than 8.3 million views in less than two weeks.

According to Mirror, this species of bird has been associated with death for centuries, as folklore has made the creature a symbol of the afterlife.

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