I caught my 7-year-old doing something very bad and I don't know what to do

Manuela Cardiga
Mar 12, 2018
04:40 P.M.

Dear AmoMama,


I am in a terrible situation. I think someone is abusing my children.

I have two sons from my first marriage; a 7and a 5-year-old, and from my second and current marriage I have a baby son.

A few nights ago, I went to put the baby to sleep and I fell asleep too, and woke up at around 9 pm and remembered I hadn't given my 7-year-old his medication for his ear infection. I walked into the bedroom and my 7-year-old was stark naked in front of his little brother's bed.

I called to my husband, and he came upstairs and was very shocked too. He started interrogating my older son, asking him what he was doing and why, but he wouldn't answer. So my husband took his toys away and said he'd be grounded.

I put my 5-year-old into my own bed, and my husband and I slept downstairs on the couch. We have been sleeping there until I can decide what to do.

I am thinking that there is something going on, someone is abusing my boys, and they are repeating what is being done to them. My husband thinks so too, but what do we do?

I don't want my ex to accuse us. I am thinking that perhaps if I pressure my oldest boy and threaten him with punishment, he will be forced to tell us the truth.

Has anyone dealt with a similar problem? What should I do?

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