Rescuers noticed exhausted dog and took her pups. They didn't expect such a reaction from the dog

A dog with puppies can be very unpredictable.

The animal rescue team in New Orleans went on a mission to get a dog and her puppies to safety when they were faced with a unique situation, according to Animals Melt My Heart.

A dog seemed badly neglected and seemed to have had puppies recently. New Orleans’ Villalobos Rescue Center was informed about the situation and the team headed out immediately.

Their experience had taught them to be careful around a dog with puppies.

They got to the location and spotted the dog across the street. But they were in for a big surprise.

The poor pit bull ran straight for one of the rescuers when he stepped out of the van. The dog approached with her head down and tail tucked as if she was asking for help.

They knew she was starving. It was also apparent that she had recently given birth. They knew they had to find her puppies and get all of them out of the difficult situation.

The team started searching for the puppies. Just then they realized that the dog kept looking back at them.

When they followed her, she led them to a nearby home. The door opened and the dog tried to go inside. Clearly, her puppies were in there.

The rescue team asked the man in the house to hand them the puppies. But the man said they belonged to his roommate and that he was in jail.

He then slammed the door in their faces and they had no other option but to return.

They took the dog to a shelter and then headed straight to get a legal authorization to get the puppies.

The team did not want to get back without the puppies and they left no stone unturned. They went back to the house armed with an authorization.

One of the rescuers went into the home and brought out four puppies. They looked in a bad shape from being away from their mother for so long.

The team rushed them back to the shelter to be reunited with their mother. The puppies went through quite a bit and one can just hope they know nothing but happiness for the rest of their lives. 

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