Anna Nicole Smith's mother "heartbroken" over her little granddaughter Dannielynn

The little girl has been through a lot and is being raised by her father.

According to an article published by Shared, the mother of deceased star Anna Nicole Smith is heartbroken over not being allowed to be a part of her granddaughter Dannielynn, reportedly because of the girl’s father.

Supermodel Anna Nicole Smith’s firstborn was her son Daniel, whom she shared with her first husband Billy Smith. Years later, she was blessed with her daughter Dannielynn.

However, the birth of Dannielynn was surrounded by controversy, as rumors began to spread about who the child’s real father was. 

Amidst the paparazzi’s constant questioning, Smith’s ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead came forward to state that he was Dannielynn’s biological father. However, Smith had a different story to share.

She claimed that the father of her daughter was her then-attorney Howard K. Stern. Stern’s name also appeared on the baby’s birth certificate, and Smith stated that she and Stern had privately participated in a commitment ceremony.

While Smith was struggling with the undesired publicity, tragedy struck when her son Daniel died of drug overdose at the age of 20.

She was devastated by the loss and was never able to resume her normal life thereafter. Even in the face of personal turmoil, the paparazzi continued investigating the fatherhood of the newborn girl.

5 months after Daniel’s death, Smith was discovered dead in a hotel room. The cause of death was chillingly similar, as it was announced that she died of accidental drug overdose.

This fuelled the questions about baby Dannielynn’s real father further since he would be her legal custodian. A few months later, Birkhead was declared as the father and won the custody of the girl.

Birkhead welcomed the responsibility of raising his daughter and earned his livelihood through photography and real estate. He was determined to let Dannielynn have a normal life without any media scrutiny.

However, Smith’s mother Virgie Arthur shared her worry that Birkhead was keeping his daughter away from her maternal family. 

Arthur shared her pain over not being included as a part of Dannielynn’s life. She stated that Birkhead would often send her pictures and updates of his growing daughter, but had never allowed her to meet anyone from Smith’s side of the family.

According to Arthur, the last time she saw Dannielynn was 8 years ago. She expressed her sadness over not being able to maintain a close relationship with her only grandchild. 

She added that it was not fair to keep Dannielynn in the dark about the remaining members of her mother’s family. 

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