Frantic cat leads mom to daughter’s bedroom. Ultimately hero cat saves baby's life

This woman couldn't understand why her cat was acting so strangely until she followed him. 

Janine DeMartini wanted to get a cat, and so she decided to go to the nearest animal shelter and adopt one. It was only later that she realized how much that decision would change her entire family's life

As reported by Addicting Stories, one night Herbie wouldn't allow DeMartini to fall asleep. He just kept jumping up onto her on the bed, despite his usually gentle, lovable nature

At first, she was half annoyed by his behavior, and too tired to really pay attention to it. But after a short while, she realized that it was so at odds with his usually docile personality, and decided to investigate. .

Every time he had jumped onto her and gotten her attention, he had then proceeded to jump off the bed and head towards the door, looking back at her as if to tell her to follow him. 

When she finally got up out of bed, she saw just what a hero her rescued cat is. She followed Herbie into her baby daughter's bedroom, where DeMartini was met with a terrifying sight. 

Her baby girl Isabella's blanket was across her face, and the infant was making "smothering noises," as her mother described it. She had rolled over in her sleep, and the blanket was suffocating her. 

Not content to just lead his human mother to the scene, Herbie quickly jumped up into the crib and started pawing at the blanket to try and get it out of the baby's face. 

Had Herbie not gotten DeMartini's attention and led her to her daughter, Isabella might well not have survived the night. 

DeMartini is actually a social worker who has written a number of papers that lay out the benefits of animal-assisted therapy, which she has now witnessed first hand. 

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