'DWTS' host opens up about her cancer diagnosis: 'What am I supposed to tell my family?'

The host said that she has had her fair share in battling cancer.

Erin Andrew, one of the hosts of Dancing With the Stars, said that she always thought of herself as someone who maintains a healthy lifestyle and goes on frequent health check-ups.

For that very reason, she was very surprised when she discovered in 2016 that she had cervical cancer.

Talking to AOL, the Fox NFL sideline reporter said that she found out about the diagnosis around the time when football season was just about to start.

She said, "I was a wreck. I was on the road, getting ready for Week 3 of football season. I called my husband, I called my mom and dad and I remember asking my doctor 'what am I supposed to tell my family?'"

Entertainment Daily revealed that Andrews’ thought it was really scary since she had no background when it came to battling cancer.

Andrews went through several surgeries and had been declared cancer free.

As a cancer survivor, the 39-year-old said she wanted to speak up and inform everyone about cervical cancer, claiming that not enough people talk about it.

"Every two hours a woman dies from cervical cancer. I had no idea about that stat until I partnered with Hologic. I think it’s important for someone like myself and someone like Dr. Shepherd to be involved to get this information out because women don’t know that,” said Andrews.

Andrews had been trying her best to live as much as she could. She has been the host of Dancing With the Stars with Tom Bergeron since the 18th season.

Talking about the contestants, Andrews said she and Bergeron have been helping in keeping their stress levels at bay since a lot of them often fight during the competition.

Andrews will be returning to the show for the 26th season, which will premiere on April 30, 2018, on ABC.

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