Do you have old Disney VHS tapes? You can make good money

Old Disney VHS tapes can be considered two things: trash or emotive mementos of better days. What many of us didn’t know is that you can make a small fortune out of them.

It is probably a difficult challenge to find a household in the US where there were not at least a couple of Disney VHS tapes forgotten in a box somewhere gathering dust. Many have probably moved over the nostalgia and have gotten rid of them.

But for those that kept them as relics of a past time full of sweet memories might be lucky enough to own a rare edition there might be really good news as collectors have inflated the value of such editions with some tapes reaching incredible prices.

As Wimp reported, these tapes can sell for as little as  $1,000 and up to $10,000. Collectors seek for movies with defects, alternate artworks and limited editions that are not easily found and they can pay big money to get them.

Chances are you still have some of your old VHS tapes around, and if so, you better go check them for you could be the owner of a small treasure that can report an unexpected monetary benefit in the right circles.

This might be worth a visit to the garage, the attic, or the basement. If you happen to have a rare edition of a Disney VHS you just hit the jackpot. There are a couple of signs in the box that can help you identify a collector’s most sought-after movie.

You have to start by looking for the black diamond on the case. If it has ‘The Classics’ written with it you got yourself a good $250, as that means it is a special edition. But if the black diamond has a Walt Disney’s signature next to it, the tape can be worth thousands.

There are more specific items that require you to look more carefully through your collection but that’s where the biggest money is, and it is surely worthy of the time you might spend checking those old tapes out

There’s a copy of The Little Mermaid which original cover artwork was banned because it was considered inappropriate and had to be re-done. The rare edition with the original artwork can be found on eBay with a price as high as $6,000.

Later editions of Beauty and the Beast had the song Human Again cut. That makes the earliest versions collector’s items. The only way to find out which version you have is having your VCR to play it and look for the song. If the song is there, you can sell that tape for $9,000.

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