Kelly Clarkson receives harsh criticism for the food she feeds her little daughter

It seems that today’s mothers have to think it twice before sharing innocent moments with their kids in social media if they don’t want to face the mom-shamers who always know better.

There is not only one right way to raise a child. Every mother can find the way she manages to take care and educate her children in a loving and healthy environment. But there will always be someone who believes to know better and will criticize the mother.

In these times when it is so easy to condemn somebody in social media without having to face them, many mothers receive accusations of doing it wrong when it comes to parenting. Imagine what the pressure and scrutiny celebrity moms might face regularly.

35-year-old singer and mother-of-two Kelly Clarkson is an example of this, as Shared reported in April 2017. The winner of the first edition of American Idol received unexpected backlash when she posted a video of her eldest daughter, then 3-year-old River Rose.

Clarkson, who has always been an avid social media user who is never shy about sharing family moments with her many followers, took to her official Instagram account to show the moment River Rose tried Nutella for the very first time.

‘River's first Nutella experience. It should have been via crepe but toast was easier,’ the three-time Grammy winner captioned the video. River can be seen dancing with joy after having the first try of Nutella on a toast.

The innocent scene was enough fuel for the dormant mom-shamers in social media to come after Clarkson to harshly criticize her for giving her daughter the treat of trying Nutella for the first time. Some went as far as calling it ‘child abuse.’

Most of us would want to remember the time we had the life-changing experience of discovering Nutella. But apparently many users couldn’t bear with the idea of Clarkson feeding her child the popular hazelnut cocoa spread.

The self-righteous commentators were quick to sermonize the star preaching their opinions about the snack, with some of them resorting to uncalled-for personal attacks and body-shame towards her.

Of course, there were also fans, including many mothers, that came in Clarkson’s defense, with many saying that it is OK to let your child enjoy things with moderation as the parents consider fitting.

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