Woman's husband got a seductive message from the nanny. Later the wife found out his answer

Mar 13, 2018
08:36 A.M.

The faithful husband responded in a surprising way when he received an inappropriate text from the nanny.


Sports broadcaster Kyle Martino, the husband of Eva Amurri Martino, fired their nanny after she allegedly sent him an inappropriate text. According to God Updates, they way Martino handled the entire situation was truly commendable.

The story was first shared on Eva's blog, Happily Eva After, and it described how her husband showed immense grace in dealing with the entire situation.

According to the source, the incident happened while Eva was traveling for work and Martino was out with Marlowe. He was to meet the nanny at the house a while later before heading to work.

Suddenly, the TV personality received a shocking text from the nanny, which the source reported as being "too explicit" to be revealed. It confirmed that the text had some 'lewd thoughts' the nanny had for Kyle.


However, it was written in a manner intended to suggest that the text was meant for someone else other than Martino.

Martino was still giving the nanny the benefit of the doubt to this point. But he arrived his home, he could see the nanny, who had the key to the house, was already in and was looking out the window of Martino and Eva's bedroom.

The star then became assured about the intentions of the nanny and he realized that the text she sent him was not an accident.

Martino then smartly used an app on his cell phone to record the conversation he had next with the nanny, which revealed the grace with which he handled the entire situation.


In the phone conversation, Martino asks the nanny to first clarify why she was in their bedroom. When she replies that she was looking for him and did not know if he was home, he confronts her about the 'inappropriate' text.

The nanny then apologizes for it, but Martino tells her that her behavior was not appropriate for the kind of environment he wanted in the house, so he was letting her go.

Martino even wrote her a check before sending her away. When the nanny apologized for her behavior, Martino simply told, "No need to apologize. Thanks, bye."

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