Royal family reveals a rare photo depicting young Queen amidst true nature vibes

Mother's Day is one of the most relevant dates during the year as it commemorates the most important member of everyone's family: the mother.

UK's mother's day was on March 11, 2018, and as a way to honor them, Buckingham Palace took to social media to post a photo that even though was taken several years ago, it had never been published before.

Closer Weekly reported that the picture, taken in 1965, was uploaded to Twitter and Instagram. It showed the Royal Family - Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and their four children - in the gardens of Frogmore House.

That house, owned by the Crown Estate, is located in Windsor Castle's Home Park, only half a mile south of the main castle. In the caption, they wished a very happy 'Mothering Sunday' to all their followers.

It was later revealed that the image was taken on Elizabeth's 39th birthday. In it, the family was captured enjoying a relaxed outing through the garden while staring at something that caught their attention on the grass.

Prince Edward, just a baby, was looking at the floor from his stroller while Prince Andrew was doing the same but just placing one hand on his baby brother's carriage. Prince Charles and Princess Anne were next to them also staring at the grass under them.

It was not the only photo the palace shared, though. They posted a photo showing Elizabeth and Edward as a way to honor his 54th birthday.

The Frogmore House has been labeled as a ‘secret escape’ as many members of the Royal Family often choose to go there to relax.

It is 35-acre long and it was chosen by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to make their engagement photo shoot.

Despite the fact that any member of the Royals lives there, it is still used by them from time to time. In May 2008, it was used as the venue for the marriage of Peter Phillips, Elizabeth’s grandson, and Autumn Kelly.

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