Blake Shelton reportedly threw shade at Miranda Lambert in his recent posts

The iconic country singer allegedly attacked his former wife on Twitter as he allegedly made reference to her unfaithful nature.

Blake Shelton's recent Twitter responses to a fan account's tweet lead the internet users to alleged that the country icon might be attacking his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, for cheating on him when they were in a relationship.

According to Inquisitr, Shelton made headlines when he responded to a random tweet about how 'screwing the help seems to be a habit of some people,' which was allegedly aimed toward Gwen Stefani's ex.

To this, Shelton replied by writing: 'Some things never change...' While earlier, it was believed that his tweet was intended to defend Stefani, now the social media users are debating whether it was actually meant for Shelton's ex-wife, Lambert.

Shelton's another tweet posted in response to a Lambert fan account almost confirmed this, according to Inquisitr.

When @RanFanCentral replied to Blake's earlier comment by simply commenting, 'Dude hahahaha...,' Shelton fired back by tweeting, 'You can't make this [explicit] up. Wow...'

The timings of Shelton's two posts comes at a time when Lambert's split with her new partner, Anderson East, is rife. The controversial rumors suggest that the pair broke up because Lambert has been unfaithful toward him.

Because of this, the fans and followers of both the country icons are now speculating that Shelton's tweet was deliberate and it meant to attack Lambert's unfaithfulness, the source suggested.

However, neither Lambert nor East have yet confirmed about a possible split between the two of them.

The online source further hinted that if Shelton was indeed trying to attack Lambert's unfaithful nature with his tweets, this could finally confirm the rumors that the former couple's marriage ended because of Lambert's alleged extra-marital affair.

Shelton broke up with Lambert in August 2015 after he discovered that she was romantically involved with her former tour manager, Ryan Westbrook.

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