My 5-year-old and his grandmother called child services on me over a petty issue. I feel betrayed.

Dear AmoMama,

I am absolutely enraged! My mother took my 5-year-old son to Child Services and has accused me of child abuse and endangerment. My own mother! I am feeling angry and betrayed! How could she! All I did was try to educate my son.

My son is 5 and still pees in his bed, and the diapers for his age are very expensive; but if I don't use a diaper on him, I am up in the middle of the night changing his sheets.

I tried everything, and then I saw a tough-love article and decided to try that out. So when he peed on the bed that night, I sprinkled powdered pepper and chilies in his underpants.He started screaming and carrying on so loudly I had to give him a bath and the neighbors were banging on the walls.

So the next day I took him to my mother's house like I always do before work every day, and when I went to fetch him there was a woman from Child Protection Services there telling me I was going to be investigated, and that my son would be staying with my mother until they had a report.

My son told my mother his pee-pee hurt because I had put something on it and she took him to the doctor. Apparently, he had a rash, and like a little sissy he was wingeing and crying about it.

Now I have a huge problem and my ex-husband wants to sue for custody, and my son screams when he sees me.

I cannot believe how crazy and hysterical these people are. And it's all because of this prissy little idiot telltale pissing in his bed. How can I make my mother see it's all a big to-do over nothing? How can I get her to drop the complaint? I can't believe how she has betrayed me! 

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