Dash cam shows traffic stop that triggered groping suit

Even though there are several cameras and other devices that record what policemen do, a few of them still do some things they shouldn’t.

Patricia Aileen Wilson, who suited a state highway patrol officer, was a victim of something similar. She revealed that Trooper Isaiah Lloyd searched her without cause, groped her, and waited three hours near her house to stop her again.

According to NY Post, the Tennessee Highway Patrol released a statement pointing out that Lloyd’s actions were ‘inconsistent with his training’ but that they weren’t bad enough to charge him with a crime.

Jared Effler, the eighth judicial district attorney, declared that Lloyd will review the video of the incident in order to prevent the same from happening again.

Col. Tracy Trott, of the Tennessee Highway Patrol showed his support to Lloyd, who has been working for the department since 2015, saying that all he did was professional and in an effort to protect the motoring public.

He was making reference to the first time he stopped Wilson but he never even mentioned the second one.

According to the lawsuit, Lloyd asked her if she had taken any prescription drugs. She replied that she takes a sleeping aid, Ambien, from time to time.

Lloyd told her that drug is listed as a narcotic but the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration guidelines prove him wrong.

The video then showed that he ordered Wilson to get out of the car. While he was doing his routine search, she pointed out he put his hands inside her waistband and touched her buttocks and genital area.

A couple of hours later, he stopped her again near her house. When asked, he admitted that he looked for her because she had taken Ambien and was worried something bad might have happened.

At that point, the battery of his dash camera was dead and it couldn’t record anything. Wilson added that he told her ‘we should stop meeting like this.' Her lawsuit seeks $100,000 in damages.

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