Dancers line up in a round formation. But when the music starts, their bodies begin to move

The choreography and the synchronized movements of the dancers were mesmerizing.

As reported in an article published by Faith Tap, students of the Carroll High School Emerald Belles of Southlake, Texas, performed an impeccable high kick routine that stunned the audience as they 'cheered and screamed' during the performance.

The routine was witnessed by the audience who had gathered at a regional high school dance competition. The dancers performed to a slightly uncanny remix of the song Sweet Dreams,

The choice of song and the vision for its remix stood out in the entire competition. Their breathtaking dance began with every dancer assuming their position at various levels with one member raised to the topmost level in a spinning star lift. 

The performance was catapulted to the next level when the team began to segue their kick line. One of the most notable moments of their performance was when they extended their legs while still being on the kick line.

The dancers also assumed positions to form shapes of triangles and squares that created a beautiful illusory effect. The audience showed their appreciation towards the art by breaking into applause frequently.

Towards the end of their performance, the dancers chose an unusual prop and culminated their performance powerfully and gracefully.

According to Faith Tap, a high kick routine is one of the most popular dance forms in high school and college level dance team competitions. The art form is an amalgamation of dance and precise kick moves.

The kicks comprise a variety of styles including fan kicks, contagions and gradient kicks. The dancers are required to maintain disciplined and flawless postures with their toes pointed and legs and backs straight.

The kick line has to be strong and very precise to fulfill the criteria of being a perfect act. The end of the performance almost always leaves the dancers out of breath but it is expected of them to smile during the demanding performance.

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