Mel Gibson's son is all grown up and becomes very handsome actor

After years of avoiding the limelight, he has now decided to embrace it instead. 

Milo Gibson, Mel Gibson's sixth of seven children with ex-wife Robyn Denise Moore, spent almost three decades staying out of the public eye. Now, at the age of 27, he has decided to follow in his father's footsteps. 

As reported by People, is starring in his first major role as Al Capone in Gangster Land

Milo has taken a very roundabout route to becoming an actor. Never wanting to be part of the acting scene, he first became a private massage therapist after graduating from high school in Malibu. 

After a number of years, he then teamed up with an old friend and the pair worked as electricians. But at some point, he realized he was avoiding that which he was truly passionate about. 

“It’s very scary to make that change,” he said of switching careers. “But one day it hit me that I don’t want to turn 50 and regret not trying something I have a passion for.”

He took his first role in a film directed by his father, Hacksaw Ridge. While Milo admits he had fun working with his father, it was a completely professional relationship, and he enjoyed seeing Mel at work. 

But it was a small role, and marred by the controversies surrounding his father at the time. 

Now he has taken on a much bigger role, and he is absolutely charming everyone with his performance. 

“When I got offered the part it was kind of a no brainer,” he said. “I just thought it’d so much fun to jump into his shoes and be that kind of psychotic, nobody-can-touch-you type guy.”

Milo has also expressed his openness to any kind of role, as it is certainly early days for him in the acting industry. Having played football at school, he is most interested in action, also pointing out that action films seem to "run in the family."

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