Shemar Moore frankly confessed about his "Hush-Hush" relationship with Halle Berry

Actor Shemar Moore is known for starring in the hit crime drama Criminal Minds and his former role on the daytime soap opera The Young & the Restless.

In a surprisingly candid interview, the Criminal Minds star talks to us about his next move, the challenges he faced growing up biracial in Oakland and why it's no accident he's still single.

He also made a name for himself as a Hollywood playboy who has dated his fair share of quality beauties. Two of his most high-profile relationships were with Toni Braxton and Halle Berry.

According to Shared, in the interview, Moore opened up about the times he spent with both women and revealed which relationship helped him grow as a man and which one was just for fun.

The sexy heartthrob once attended the Red Carpet at the 1997 Golden Globes show on the arm of Halle Berry, who he later revealed was the first woman to really knock his socks off.

But Berry was not his first woman that came from Hollywood. Toni Braxton was his first love from the industry and when he remembered those days, he expressed that he was just a baby, it was a wild ride with Toni, but she would never sing for him, though.

The former Criminal Minds star has been vocal about his desire to find the woman of his dreams and start a family. He believes that the perfect woman is out there, just waiting to meet him.

On January 28, Moore brought a beautiful date to the Grammy Awards. All Shemar’s fans and followers wanted to know the identity of the woman that he brought to the award ceremony as his date.

He posed for red carpet pictures with the stunning Quantico actress Anabelle Acosta, Shemar said that they are just getting to know each other and they just want to have fun. He made it clear that he adores her and if it goes beyond that, great. If not, he’s happy he took a chance.

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